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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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^ It's not really about how close they are, it's more about that Blackpool is a "Vacation destination" and Southport really isn't as much.


The majority of people who come to Blackpool are not locals.


It would be like if a ride from SFMM was moved to the Las Vegas strip. Sure some people would recognize it who were local to SFMM, but the rest of the country would have no idea, and that would make up the majority of their visitors.


--Robb "Does that make sense?" Alvey

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^ What about where the removed the Turtle Chase?


Bingo! There's strong bets that Chaos will be going there. And there's some space over by Avalanche for another flat ride to go in.


I think the flyers are just being burnt actually. They were closed all of last season due to some damage caused last winter and they obviously weren't going to be repaired if Southport was for the scrap.

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Well....When I was at Pleasureland Southport..and saw it..it really looked like and awesome experience...


But those BASTARDS told us it would be working when we visited...but no! But thats ok, Cyclone was worth the visit!


But, I think it will work GREAT a BPPB! Its such an AWESOME park CRAMMED full of fun! Its worth your enterance fee, and youll NEVER run out of things to do or see there!


Traumatizer will be an awesome addition to the park and will look awesome next to the PEPSI BIG ONE!


So dude, hook us up with more photos! Keep us up to date as to what happens!


I leave you with the quote "Here At Blackpool Pleasure Beach, we Sell Fun!"



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Tramatizer will do great at the park and most the coasters at blackpool are out and backs, all with a simular experiance.


Tramatizer will be a completly new type of rollercoaster there and it will fit in perfectly


is this an Vekoma SLC because if it is I thnk they are to many of them?

I mean the ones blue tornado and kong at six flags marine world.

If not whats the layout of this coaster?


Use your brain, research it and there ar'nt too many of them, we at england hav'nt got one at the monent as it is getting moved.

Besides it shows it a good model.


Bah, since im nice I'll answer your question, Kong and BT are both the same (sort of)


(On another positive note your doing well at english, Im crap at languages )

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Wow, lots of responses, cool....


I am announcing that once the winter weekends start, there will be an update every sat or sun just to let you know how it’s getting on!


On a side note....................................................................................

What ride could go where!?!?!?! + Construction quickie + THE "PROPER" SIGN


Now thats a sign... ;)








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^ Shock Are they tearing Big Dipper apart, goodness, when it rode it last week I didnt now they were going to do something to it after, Leave it alone, its good the way it is, we dont need new tracks on the turn after the mini-lift


Thanks for the updates

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As said before, putting Traumatizer there is a good thing for Blackpool so i'm happy they're putting it there, besides i don't hate SLC's that much so i might even enjoy riding it.


But my main concern is the theming, or to put it differently, i really hope they give the coaster a nice new (different) paint job, and i hope they let the coaster stand above water (like when the log flume was there) or at least put some theming down there. Becouse bad rides are sometimes compensated a lot by good (or at least ANY) theming IMO.

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worth your enterance fee


does this mean they abandoned making you pay per ride? if so, its deffinately in my top 5! (last time i went, we spent about £25 on about 7-10 rides :\ not amusing)


also, have they got rid of the dog poo? last time we went (a whole 10 years ago, wow!) you couldnt take 3 step without treading in the stuff

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As ordinary as an SLC is these days, I have a feeling it will be really good for Pleasure Beach, as they only have 1 other inverting coaster in the park. Kinda a bad cop-out though, all the hype over the year about the new thrilling exciting ride coming, and then its just the SLC that was down the street. I probably wouldn't feel as meh about it if they had got it in conjunction with another coaster (like a new Mauer Sohne SC2000/3000 spinner), but this isn't the same Blackpool as yesteryear.


Love the updated sign

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There was strong rumours that Chaos was going to turn up at BPB, but apparantly its already arrived at its new home, Lightwater Valley.


Also the Space Shot from Pleasureland has been purchased by Loundoun Castle in Scotland, I wonder if they will actually open this ride?


I really don't like the picture of the Big Dipper!

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They're taking up that turnaround of Big Dipper and a bit of the railway thats also there to allow the piling machine access to do its thing (pile, i spose!). I *think* they also have to do some re-engineering because one of the supports was on course to go right through the big dipper track, so they have to have a footer either side of the trunaround to "split" the current one over it.

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Don't forget what Kennywood did with the Thunderbolt during the construction of The Phantom's Revenge. They could possibly have the SLC tunnel under the Big Dipper and railway. That would be cool I would just see the train going across right when the Big Dipper and SLC are coming by.

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Well I was at Lightwater Valley last friday and in the field beside the KMG was Caos sitting there in peices. A much needed ride for the park. I like the idea of the SLC going to blackpool. 1994 till now has been a long wait, so anything is better then nothing.

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^ I think they may be putting the turn around on tht other side of the drop to make room for the new ride, I hope im wrong (which Im proberbly am)


But for now I think your right


As far as i'm aware, the big dipper's turnaround is staying put. Theres no point in moving it, and reversing it would require extra efort and extra money which BPB arent willing to spend!

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I think the ride will be fun. But I'm a freak for log flumes and would rather have the log flume there instead.


Dude, me to. I thought they were going on a "Family" Direction. So if therer trying to get mor eamilies in, why put in a ride most kids will pass. A log FLume, according to Wikipedia "Is a fun ride for all" So, why? I personally like SLC's, even if tehre just a little bit rough. When there really rough i don't, but i don't know what teh Traumatizer one is. I guess agree with R&E on the GP side. But i would think the GP Would like a Log Flume better. They took out Vikingar and log Flume, and they now only have Valhalla, which looks quite scary to me for kids. I don't get it.


On the other hand, an SLC will be a good boost to there strictly SIt Down Coasters, which will bring more guests. GOod for the Park, but it think they may of been able to ivestigate a bit more into a good Layout ride, not rough, not to extreme, but something differen't. I guess Traumatizer was easy access, but maybe they may of been better off getting a new one. It sounded weird to me when a coaster was re-located when i was a young enthusaist (Younger than i am now, ok!) and i am sure a lot of the GP would think that as well. So, for the ride sake, and not Family Freinjdly Sake, i think it would be better for a new SLC, and the one at SOuthport Relocated to a poor park in Peru or Argentina or somewhere liek that.

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