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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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WoW that is quick work. The ride construction team only arrived last Sunday, and they seem to have really cracked on. I am just going to the PB in a few mins to see what has changed and hopefully get some photos.


Thanks for the updates.

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first day back on the park, misserable day but i bring joy of some pics...


today is

(its cold, shivering a little, lol....)


and how many rides are closed today?

answer 5 and ya wrong... theve just not put all the rides up... so its that plus: river caves, monorail, roller coaster, pleasure beach express, beaver bumpers

spin doctor(removed), infusion(building site), whip(pile-o-rust)... ok ok, maybe cant count those


but for £15 wristbands only today, not the best start to the season...

so rides that are closed...


steeple chases horses are lined up... becasue of,


station work


flying machine still scafolded up


say what you see and win a prize


gand prix roof with wind damage


with the cars in the monorail station




large empty footer left from spin doctor


italian jobs new paint job, looks nice now...


again, say what you see...


beaver bumbers has no roof


new map up, can you spot the things wrong with it, might be hard to see on this though...



so, what rides were open i here you cry...

blings big queue with 2 arms shut...


big ones queue with only run train open then another on track but closed... opened up later though.




and then we go to big dipper, and infusion... where a lot has gone on since yesterday... they have now got the half loops entry, the loop and half corkscrew connecting to the overbank, so the next lot of shots are just all around the site...



















so... thats ya lot... hope you all enjoy, and more to come when ever...

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yeah the pics look great....i think though it looks a bit cramped and out-of-place there. But still...great additions for BPB and keep those updates coming


I actually like the cramped thing. Its what Pleasure Beach is all about. lol.

I was hoping for some near-misses and footchoppers with the other nearby structures.

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I took a couple of other photos.


Looks like they have had to create a temp raised island for the crane.


Low level from Big Dipper exit. I am guessing that the waterfall is going on the left in front of the Big Dipper glass wall.


Looks like this is the pump house for the water features!

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I actually like the cramped thing.


I totally agree with you in several ways


1. You dont have to walk as far

2. Its cool the way rides go over each other etc.

3. Looks cool


Now I understand why big dippers turn was removed and its cool how infusion goes over it but shouldnt they paint it white again


EDIT: Just seen the update, thanks for the frequent pics

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I can't wait to ride it now - loved it at southport and reckon making it more tight and compact in there will be fantastic - espec if you have a really sunny day and the sky is reflected in the water underneath - which direction will your brain think you are facing? reminds me of one of the reasons why nemesis is so good - its tight, enclosed and slightly "oh my god we are going to hit the wall" goodness.


hugs to all



p.s. anyone know when it opens?

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Its supposed to open at Easter, but I doubt it. Although they really have been cracking on with the actual ride placement now the foundations seem to be complete. I think they will have quite a lot of work to be done in creating the tunnel and water theme to finish it.

I havent worked out how people will actually get to the station. Does anyone have any ideas.

Come to think of it they did remove a stall opposite Burger King to the left of Bling. They repainted and opened a chocolate shop opposite Burger King and there is space next to that. I wonder if they will make a sort of bridge going from next to the Chocolate shop over the railway under the Big Dipper and the Pepsi max to the station????

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Infusion is so close to BD which looks lovely in it's White n Red coat of fresh paint. I wonder how many times BD has been painted since being open in the 30's.


Has BD been painted all the way around or just the 1st few hills..?


Shame the "Whip" is getting eaten by the Irish Sea's salt.

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sorta a bit of both with the paint...


and meet a new worker from the park, had to go there for my college course so working with the slot machines...


and that also means i was able to get these today, and wow, they are working good...


ouside the park, which will look cool with the three level coaster tracks...


the drop is now up


so is the rest


mangled closeness


will be getting some great fly by filmin from here




and if you were wondering wht kind of things will be in a class room for someone that needs to go work on slots...

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