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  1. The zero car of the train should be roll only, and the rest of the cars should be trailered onto the back of the one in front using the ball coupler. The coupler you have included would probably pull out, Intamin and GCI use this kind of ball set up for their trailered coaster trains: Other than that, its quite a good effort.
  2. That is one of the most insane NL coasters I have ever ridden! The pacing is unbeleivable! I would have use the continuous roll at the top of the first and second hills, it would flow alot better through the transition. A few minior pumps, but that is to be expeced with a track as aggressive and twisty as this. 9/10
  3. The song is called 'Song of the Elders' by Rhythmos I've uploaded it here: Valhalla.mp3
  4. The Typhoon <3 Absolutely awesome machines to see in flight!
  5. ^ I do! My sim is random! On the vekoma flyers, no matter how hard I create a pull out, it never registers above 1.6Gs The other coasters are pretty hit and miss though! Most of the time it is fine, then I get a random G spike later when I re-ride it lol. I don't have the full version of Fraps, so I can only record 30 seconds at a time, making a POV difficult, and due to the high volume of trees, Fraps rarely goes above 5fps anyways! I'll put a few more screen shots up for you tomorow.
  6. This is probably the quickest I have ever turned a coaster out, less than 24 hours from starting I'm not going to give any more screens, or it'll give too much of the layout away, which would defeat the purpose of designing it in the way I have. Its designed to follow the terrain as closely as possible. There may be some minor G problems, but my simulator is odd, sometimes I get a great ride, sometimes its full of G spikes! Linky: Trail Blazer.nltrack For the best experience, ride it at sunset, or in light foggy conditions.
  7. The skateboard is made by a company called Mindless Longboards. The surfboard was shaped by a local board shaper called Roger Cooper (hence the name on the board )
  8. Yeah, I longboard. There's not much around here for any decent downhill fun, So I mainly use it for cruising. I've surfed for the past 4 years now. My board: 7'11 Nice to ride, very laid back. I do want to get something bigger, maybe 9ft - 9ft 6
  9. I did mention earlier in this topic, that I was considering getting more N gauge locos, and I have. Recently bought a N gauge Shinkansen Bullet set I've still got to find somewhere large enough to put a layout for it lol.
  10. Congratulations on you're use of pre-fab elements and supports
  11. Add me, I'll give it ago.. I can't guarentee that I'll finish, I have alot of parks coming up soon, but I'll try my best to finish it.
  12. I'm from Port Talbot, South Wales TPR may have noticed a highly polluted area on the M4 between Coney beach and Oakwood during the UK tour. That's Port Talbot, I'm around 5 miles away from Coney Beach in Porthcawl xD Did you guys think of going for an extra-bonus credit in Barry? http://www.rcdb.com/ig891.htm?picture=1
  13. The colour of the track looks much better than I thought it would, against the support colours. Although, Its still an SLC
  14. We have a small selection of live steam locos in 1:16, a few traction engines and a static engine. As nice as steam looks, it can be rather messy. So indoors we only run the battery powered ones.
  15. I run 1:16th scale locomotives, mostly narrow gauge style locos, Although I have aquired quite alot of american-esque rolling stock, so it could lead me to buying a D&RG Sandy River My dad and I do the occational bit in the bigger stuff, Here's an 0-4-0 electric chassis we started a while back to run on either 5 inch or 7 1/4 gauge track, just never got round to completing it. It needs a good clean up, and a set of dummy axle boxes to go on the side. I have also had N gauge, and HO gauge layouts, but I got rid of them, for the larger stuff.
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