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TPR's Mexico Tour Mini Updates

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I have been waiting for those^ Did you see the Batman show because I heard that it will be retiered soon after running for 7 years

No, we didn't bother. We're really not "theme park show" people, so unless it's a show that we've heard is *AMAZING BEYOND BELIEF*, it's pretty rare that we will see a show.

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Whoa, think I got slightly dizzy trying to watch the fixed POV of Joker. Still haven't gone on a spinning coaster yet, but these ones look pretty decent. Six Flags did a great job theming that coaster as well!


Also the fact that Superman is still running well since it was basically built after its original manufacturer went out of business. Looks like they're either in a middle of cleaning the coaster or repainting. Mexico hasn't been kind to the red/yellow/blue paint on it.


These POVs make me excited to know that I have about a month and a half before my next coaster ride!

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Mexico was my very first TPR tour and I have to say it was amazing. Robb and Elissa did a great job at planning this trip and I thought it was a great blend of culture and parks. Others have said that it was more 'relaxed' than other trips and I still felt like we saw and did a TON. I also managed to stay in Mexico a few extra days and got to enjoy three 'bonus credits' with a Mexican Coaster Club at a VERY 'Never In America' carnival. I will have to post a trip report at some point. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation!!!

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I'm really impressed at how well SFM did at retheming Tony Hawk and making it look like a really good ride. It seems much more fun in Mexico than it did in Northern California. Really hoping to make it to these Mexican Parks some day.

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I posted this video in the "daily video" thread, but I'll post it in here also, because I think it's a nice "video snapshot" of everything we did while on the Mexico Tour. If you're not using Vine yet, I highly recommend it - download it from the App store onto your iPhone...

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^ I survived the 21. December 2012 too, as you can see...




Thank you very much for the many pictures and videos in Mexico, Robb/Elissa! I enjoyed it really...!


The HD-video (On-/Offride) from triple-loop "Montaña Infinitum" is one of the best I've ever seen in the internet!


Thanks also by the way, for revealing one unit from the "Bullet" (Ex "Wiener Looping")-train!




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