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Photo TR: Random Walt Disney World

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Over the past few days Eric (ernierocker) was in town, and the following happened...


Hanging out at Splitsville tonight. Really love this place!


Garbles... Keeping the TPR crew Klassy with his Bud Light!


How many of you could eat this burger?


Here's where we ended up today!


Snow White coaster construction pic!


Today's mound of dirt photo is brought to you by the Seven Dwarves!


The sign says 20... We waited 5! Awesome!


We're confused! What could this thing be??? We have no idea!


Where in the Magic Kingdom can you find this thing?


Who wishes they could be riding this instead of what ever you're doing right now?


Dear California... Hi.


Someone tell us where we are at now!


Lunch at Be Our Guest was FANTASTIC! Dare I say best quick serve on WDW property?


Be Our Guest restaurant features some incredible theming!


Who can tell me what wonderful things I can get here?


Animatronic hippos... Should we save them or shoot them?


Who ever said "Dole Whips" - You were right! Who wants one of these right now?


Is Tower of Terror anyone's favorite Disney attraction?




Disney's Hollywood Studios is a little empty, don't you think?


Hey look! It's just like being in California!


"What kind of foolishness would you like to see?"


Do you think we should ride Test Track at Epcot?


Here is my Test Track vehicle! Lets see how it does on the Sim Track!


Gary just told me I have to do "insertion" while on the ride. Is that kind of thing allowed at a Disney park???


Oh good, at least we don't have to listen to the land anymore...


WTH is a "monkey puzzle tree??!!" And why does he have edible nuts??? Poor guy!


Any idea where KidTums got this little piggy from?


How Disney geeky are you? Who can tell me what that number means?


My car kicks all sorts of ass!


This is where disgruntled Disney die-hards go to complain and air their grievances.


Aaaand... There's lunch!


Yay! Zeppole's are back on the menu at Epcot's Via Napoli!


How many fans of this Epcot attraction do we have?


Who can tell me what you smell in here?


Every time I have to be subjected to this hideous creature, I'll make sure you are too!


We stopped by the ACE exhibit...


The most classic ride at Epcot! Don't you think?


Thanks to Uhura and her awesome boots, we now have computers... Or something...


It's the future. Embrace it. It's gonna be awesome!


It's good to see Imagination will have FastPass+ to really help control those insane lines! We waited about 2 1/2 hours today.


Was a great day at Epcot! Who would rather be here than where ever you're at right now?


Look where we are today!


You wouldn't know it by this picture, but Dinosaur is totally KidTums APPROVED! (WTH is Quaker doing in this picture?!?!)


What is your favorite Walt Disney World "Mountain?"



This sign actually means "Do not feed the sock puppet."


....And that includes our random visit to Walt Disney World! Hope you enjoyed the update!


--Robb "Don't worry, we didn't feed the sock puppet!" Alvey

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A few things to add:


- Robb and Elissa are awesome hosts especially considering my unexpected extended stay.


- Soarin Over Guatemala is my new favorite Epcot ride.


- Really impressed with the increased quality of food (especially Epcot and Be Our Guest) since my last visit a couple of years ago.


- The pizza dough at Via Nappoli is the best ever!


- Space Mountain is running bat-shit crazy, awesome right now.


- The New Fantasyland looks great and can't wait to come back when it is all finished.

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- Really impressed with the increased quality of food (especially Epcot and Be Our Guest) since my last visit a couple of years ago.


This. Between 11/07 and 11/12, they really stepped it up a notch, Epcot as a whole really. Went from "Nice little side visit then back to MK" to "Why are we bothering with MK at all? More beer and bon bons please." I spent most of a day there and still had only seen a fraction of all the improvements.

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Best picture is Robb drinking on Aerosmith. I'm surprised how that picture did not get censored.

Because I wasn't doing anything wrong? They told me to take my water bottle with me on the ride! lol

(I wasn't actually drinking it, just held it up for the split second when I knew where the camera was!)

Edited by robbalvey
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Looks like these are just your Facebook photos, but I can't see them. My employer is ridiculously strict on photos now. But I can see the majority of photos on TPR.


Are these hosted separately, through an automatic feed from Facebook, or something? I also noticed this on some your trip reports, I wouldn't be able to see any pics. It's definitely an issue on my end, when I'm at work, but I was wondering what you are doing differently to cause it. I have noticed a few other folks' pictures too, so it's not 100% just you.



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Great update. I'm so glad the zeppole's are back! By the way, did Test Track actually have your car work this time?


I believe Robb and Eric rode Test Track three times that day (KT and I showed up later and only rode once), out of those three the displaying your car while you ride worked once.

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Do Disney new effects work properly at all anymore? Their track record seems to be falling.


I'd love to know if the Dragon at the beginning of HP is broke, or was simply turned off to not frighten folks, since that is sort of a glaring non-working effect too.



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Do Disney new effects work properly at all anymore? Their track record seems to be falling.

Howso? I can't think of any other new ride off the top of my that is having problems that are really noticeable to the average guest. Test Track clearly seems like it was a case of "We need this to open next week." "But we really need another month!" "Sorry, it has to open next week..."


Luckily, the problems they are having are all software and can be tweaked. I'm hopeful that it will all just start "working" soon. As it was really nice to see the cars we made actually show up on the testing screens throughout the ride. It really did tie everything together nicely. I can't imagine they don't want to get this fixed. It's not like the Yeti where most guests go through the ride and they don't even realize it's on "B Mode" and still think it looks awesome, the Test Track thing is actually an integrated part of the guest experience, since guests are getting direct feedback off the thing they just spent time making.

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