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The Official WEST COAST BASH 2013 Thread!

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Hey all, CA has been awesome. SF/Berkeley was fun, the PCH was absolutely amazing, a brief stop in SLO and am finally in LA!

An abrupt change of plans happened, I had to get a hotel...but it worked out well, I'm staying in Hermosa Beach which seems like a fun place and while a friend's couch is free...a legit bed will be nice. All the couch sleeping+drinking really took a major toll on me! Plus I wont haqve to worry about disturbing anyone when I leave super early for SFMM! So yeah, been a great time, looking forward to the next few days in LA finished off with the bash!


See yall soon


Edit: I actually thought of Angry Gumball when riding the bart...I kept passing by a Goldstriker billboard. TPR is consuming my life

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Everything all packed, rental car all set, and hotel booked. All set to go. Should be in LAX tonight around 8:30pm. Heading for Disneyland and California Adventure tomorrow. Not too sure what to do tonight. Perhaps there are some small parks I can go to for some late night credits?

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Can't believe I'll be flying out tomorrow morning at 7am, summer went by way too quick this year. I arrive in LA at 11am and will probably check out Santa Monica pier just to see the Pacific. Looking forward to WCB and meeting everyone


Do you have the credit there at Pacific Park? If not, it was actually pretty fun. Sometime I think they do double rides, it was only $5 to ride.

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I've got pretty much everything packed up and almost ready to go. Tonight I'm going to look over everything and double check as I'd hate to realize I forgot something as soon as I'm on I-5 along the valley. One last work day to conquer (which these 3 days have gone by slow, felt like a full normal week actually.


Super excited for this and extremely card to focus all week

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For those of you who are planning to try to do a Southern California Credit run before and after WCB, check out the Southern California City Pass.


If you go to http://www.citypass.com/southern-california they sell a ticket package for $319. DON'T buy it online, all three parks sell them at their front gates and you can get it then. If you do buy it online you won't get it in time because they will need to mail it to you, THERE IS NO PRINT AT HOME option on this.


It gives you one day admission to SeaWorld San Diego and Universal Studios as well as a three Day Park Hopper to the Disney Parks. By themselves SeaWorld and Universal cost around $80 each for Admission and Disney is $210 for only a Two Day Hopper ticket.


You will get most of the park admissions you need outside of SFMM and Knott's and save at least $100 if you use all three days at Disney.

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