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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Uh oh. Amy just checked hers and it took off a bunch of her premium items, and some doughnuts are missing. She says it looks like it reverted to about a month ago, before she bought some premium items, and it looks like they didn't give the doughnuts back!


Mine is fine, but Amy's is missing a crap load of stuff. When she logged in, Selma and Thelma showed up as a new task. So incredibly frustrating. It's amazing that such a terrible company is able to do so well.

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No problems here either. In fact, I *think* I have 5 more donuts than I had.


Elissa's right. The Kirk Van Houten tasks and dialogue are pretty funny.


My new tile should be ready in 2 hours.


It looks as if the glitch hasn't been fixed yet either.

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I'm loving the tile glitch. For someone at my level it really helps you level up quickly.


Is there a better way to generate money than to build a bunch of houses? I hated having to resort to that, but I'm just not sure how else you could be able to afford all of the buildings that you need to build in order to complete tasks.

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I ended up building a couple of Krusty Burgers back when I was trying to get 5 stars (which I still don't have) and it caused something funny to happen on the Van Houten tasks. On the one where Kirk and Milhouse are supposed to eat together, they each ended up at different Krusty Burgers since they were in different parts on the town. So, they didn't actually eat together which seems appropriate enough for the tone of these tasks.

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^^ I try to stay on top of my characters doing 60 min tasks, but it's hard to keep up at work. Looks like I need to quit my job!


I've settled on 4 hour tasks during the day at work. I'll set them right before I leave home in the morning, check on them during lunch and re-task them and again towards the end of my day before I go home (and I don't feel like doing any more work anyway). Then some time during the night after dinner I'll put them on 12 hour (or 8 if I'm late with it) and they'll be ready to start again the next morning. I've caught up to everyone else WAY quicker than I expected to using this method.

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^ Over the last few days I've switched to doing something similar to this. 4 hours during the day. Hourly if I'm home in the evening, then longer tasks at some point after dinner. Doing the hourly thing didn't become too much of a hassle until recently. There are just too many characters to chase around each hour, so it ends up taking too long. I'll just keep grinding away, I guess. Don't even get me started on donuts, but I'm sure everyone here has already complained about those to the point that you don't want to hear some noob whining about them.


Stupid donuts...

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