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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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^Oh my God I hate that! I went so far as to pull all my non participating Halloween characters and put them into storage for next year. I went ahead and kept my Halloween town area, but put road blocks on all the entering streets to kinda section it off even more. But yeah, Christmas lights before Thanksgiving. That's just wrong!

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I didn't say anything about festive. You are more than welcome to put up your Thanksgiving lights, inflatables, decorations. Just not the Christmas stuff. I love Christmas just as much, if not more than the average person. And I decorate the house with power draining excess and neighbor inducing blindness. But there is a time and a place for it. And Thanksgiving is not the place. Let the other seasons and Holidays enjoy their moment in the sun.

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Here it is:


First 4 tiles are free.

Tile 5 takes 1 hour $250

6 takes 2 hours $450

7 takes 4 hours $850

8 takes 8 hours $1700

9 takes 12 hours $2500

10 takes 16 hours $3350

11 - 15 take 24 hours $5000 (5 days)

16 - 30 take 36 hours $7,500 (22.5 days)

31 - 60 take 48 hours $10,000 (60 days)

61 - 90 take 60 hours $12,500 (75 days)

91 - 120 take 72 hours $15,000 (90 days)

121 - 151 take 84 hours $17,500 (108.5 days)


So, you can get 151 tiles according to that. I just started my three day wait about 10 tiles ago, so I am right around 100. And of course today, I clicked my 1st handshake even those I was clicking the building next to it. Another 3 day wait for me.

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Has anyone gotten to the part where Lisa has to start calling the turkeys 10 times (4 hours each!)? I was slightly annoyed until I realized you got a turkey every four hours and then you tap it to collect it. I think I'm going to NOT tap my next 9 turkeys until I have them all just so they can roam around my town!

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^ Just got there this morning on my iPad. But, I did "collect" the turkey and then a dialogue came up with something about a gunshot, and then Apu talks to Lisa about redecorating the Qwik-E-Mart with bullet holes. Apparently there was a gunshot sound but I had it turned off.


I do like the idea of letting the turkeys roam around though! I think I'll do that with the rest of them.

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The turkey calling is annoying, especially since I'm also in the middle of having to have Lisa play her Sax 3 times (4 hours) since I'm way behind everyone else. Lots of tasks for Lisa to do, I guess.


I also lost my tile that I'd had for about a week because of a Squidport quest where I had to place a boardwalk tile. Now I'm waiting 3 days until the next one appears. Oh well, at least I got about 25 tiles from people tapping on it. Thanks for all the help!

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