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I really like making differnt types of pasta combinations or I like making differnt types of stir-fry's. Once I made a chinese pizza (if you were in the chat room on June, 28 you might remember).

-One pizza crust

-vegetables or stir-fry mix

-white ride

-soy sauce or sweet and sour

-General Tso's Chicken

-cheese (if wanted)


Take your pizza crust and spread your soy or sweet and sour sauce until it is covered. Then take a bowl of rice and cover the entire crust. Then put chicken, vegies, cheese, and anything else you want to add. Then put in the oven till the crust is golden brown and EAT!!!

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I cook all the time. The most recent thing I made was puffed french toast from The Crystal Palace in The Magic Kingdom.



2 whole eggs

2 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 cups milk

1 cup flour

2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

12 slices Texas style toast, cut in half diagonally

Cinnamon sugar mix (4 teaspoons cinnamon plus

3/4 cup granulated sugar)


Mix eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla extract and milk until blended. Slowly add flour and baking powder; mix until smooth. Dip bread in batter. Fry in hot skillet with 1 inch oil until browned. Drain on paper towels; roll in sugar mix.

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^^Galliano Craig? Were you guys making Harvey Wall Bangers?


You're correct. My Dad loves Harvey Wall Banger cakes for his birthday, and my mom bought extra cake mix. So I made another cake.



Hey Craig,

you made a cake with wodka and Galliano? How many peaces can you eat, before you get sick?


Well, all the alcohol was burned off so I didn't get sick off of it.[/code]

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I love to cook Pork Kung Jo with pork balls in batter and boiled rice. It's made using Kung Po sauce which is spicy sweet and sour and I then change the name to Kung Jo!


I also love making PIE!


And I also love making my favourite breakfast - cereal with orange juice poured over it. Milk is evil (or so my best friend told me when we were 4. I havent touched it since)

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I like to make Spicy Pasta Bakes with Chicken, Bacon and tomato sauce. I think it is nice and so do my mum and dad.


I am making a Lemon Surprise cake tomorrow in school and the surprise is that there is lemon in the bottom!!


I make alot of things in school. One thing every 2 weeks. I have made smoothies, Pasta Bakes, Fruit Salad (Thats hard!), Chicken Supreme and Muffins! I love H.E. (Home Economics)

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CHEESECAKE! I make a killer New York-style cheesecake, which takes over three hours to prep and steam. The faves seem to be my chcocolate and pumpkin ones. Then there's the citrus cc, the white chocolate and cranberrries cc.... need I go on?

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dang nrthwnd, hardcore!


I'm more of a creative type in the kitchen. for example, tonight...marinated pork chops for a day, cut it up (with the peppercorn marinade) and cooked the pieces. I added a bit of oil, half and half and flour to the sauce to thicken it. Then I added some white wine, boiled it off, and later added some marinara sauce for more volume. Half my dishes are a gamble, this one paid off, my wife said she'd eat finish it all off (and she's not an eater).


Very peppery, but the dish was great (mixed together with angelhair).

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