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Do you believe in ghosts? I don't really think they exist. However, there is an old suburb in Indianapolis 10 minuites away from me called Irvington. It has been around forever and there are lots of really big, neat, old houses. Every Hallowean they have night time "ghost tours" of the old neighborhodds and tell the famed ghost stroies of some of the houses. Well anyway, I went on it last year and had a rather wonderful time and will probably go on it again this year. So, do you believe in ghosts? Also, have you had any weird experences or encounters that have made you think that they exist? Or just anything like that. Post it here!

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If you go looking for them, yes.


If you dont care to interact, then no.




So you could say I do and dont. I believe if I tried, I could. But I have no reason to so I have never encountered any such paranormal activity dealing with ghosts.

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For me, I'm not so sure. I have had some "strange" experiences, but I'm not sure if I was hearing or seeing things. I live in a new house, and I have had no weird feelings or sightings. I have had frightening situations at some houses I've been to. I thought I saw a figure in the yellow candy store at SFOT that is said to be haunted. Although my mind could have played a few tricks on me. I actully have a HUGE fear of looking into mirrors at night or in dark places (lame, I know)

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I believe in ghosts, but I have a whole theory behind it... You know when you are dead they say you are in a tunnel that has a light at the end of it and you are drawn to the light (as the saying goes, "Go towards the light") Well, what if you resist that urge to go towards the light, and your soul gets trapped? Thats what I think ghosts are, the spirits of people who resisted the urge to go towards the light at the end of the tunnel, for some reason.

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Orbs can easily be created when your camera has a very small pinhole letting light into the flim. Also can be caused by gnats, dust particles and any other small object/mass that reflects or refracts light.


It happens quite often and Im not convinced by them.

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I've had a few experiences:


1) At my dad's house (45 yrs old), my cousin (Paige) kept laying the phone on the couch after hanging it up, but then it sounded off the hook and turned back on to give us a dialtone. We turned it off, sat it down, and it happened about 4 more times!


2) At the same time as that incident, my other cousin (Colby) was really hot across the room, there was no AC on, but Paige and I suddenly became freezing. That's when the whole phone thing started, but it was only our spot that was cold. When Colby came over, he was really cold to!


3) If you've ever been to Gettysburg, PA before the Tower was demolished, you may have done this. When you go up to the top of the tower for a great view, you can sit on some long benches while the attendant tells you about the ghosts. The whole tower is leaning over, so you have a perfect view of the blue-ish white-ish being throughout the graveyard! Also, later that night, my aunt went back out with her 2 sisters and the attendant showed them a fence to the graveyard. She told them to walk along the fence and find the cold spot. After they were all done, they went to the same place without even communicating! The attendant told them a story of how at that spot, a man had hung himself (I can't remember why)!


4) This is the freakiest one! My friend and I, about 5 years ago, were at his house in the kitchen, taking a break from playing outside and just drinking water. His glass dropped onto the floor and broke, water and glass all over the place. We went upstairs to get his mom to clean it up. When we brought her down no more than 3 minutes later, the glass was perfectly clean and unbroken, sitting on the table with the water back in it! She thought we were making it up, I mean, I can't blame her, but I SWEAR I'm not making this up!


And my aunt has told me alot about ghosts, all the encounters she's had, so yes, I totally belive in them!

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I do. Let me scare you all quick and tell you that I grew up in a funeral home. But, I never had any weird ghostly experiences there. I think if a spirit is so unsettled about something or has been so obsessed about something like a task they cant complete or something that they can get trapped and not even realize they are dead..


It could also be people who resist dying so much that their spirits stay on earth until they are ready.


A little off topic, but I have tons of Near Death Experiences that I've heard from people.. my grandmother and friends, even families at funerals (my dad is a funeral director and I help out occasionally). I also read a lot of books on them and I think they are some of the most amazing and comforting stories. I was just wondering if anyone reading this has ever had one personally?And is willing to talk about it anyways


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I never believed in ghosts until 1997 when I worked in a "Haunted Prison" over Halloween. The place was supposedly haunted, and we were all "Yeah right, it's *haunted* uh huh" But one night two friends and I were at the end of this long dark hallway where the people would come through, then we would do scary stuff at them. At the opposite end of this hallway was another room that was better lit, so you could see people coming into the hallway from that room. Well, it had been empty for quite a while, then we hear what sounded like someone throwing something down the hallway. It clearly sounded like a stick or something hitting a wall and sliding down the length of the floor (so much that it sounded like the object was landing near our feet), but there was nothing there. We were still looking in the direction of the light at the end of the hall trying to figure out who was playing a trick on us, when the door started to slam. It slammed over and over, and when one of my friends went to investigate, the door was held open by an eye hook on the back. There was no way someone would have been able to slam it and get back there to rehook it without our seeing them because of the bright light. There were also numerous instances of prison cell doors opening and closing as though someone were walking through them, then closing the door behind them, but no one was there. I never believed in ghosts until I saw those things happen and there was absolutely no explanation for them. I still wouldn't believe in them had I not seen it with my own eyes.



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I don't believe in them... at all.. :-\


*waits for the Craigness to post*


yeah well, sorry for being late.


I believe in ghosts though I've never had a personal experience. But I do watch Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi which is a paranormal investigation based out of warwick, RI. (So they've done a couple of investigations here in CT), anyway, they do their investigations based on a scientific approach instead of going into a building with the belief there is something in there. 98% of the time when they get orbs in the footage, they debunk it as dust. Now, here is some video footage which i think rock was waiting for for me to post from some of their investigations.



This one they tried to re-create with someone but it was very impossible since the figure is moving so fast and changes direction in a split second.


you can visit their site by clicking on the link below


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I am not sure. I see all those shows on Discovery Channel about ghosts, so I assume that they probably exist, but I'm not counting on it as I've never had any paranormal experiences.


Also, don't forget the Hampton Court "ghost" caught on camera. Not proven, but still interesting

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