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You Might Be A Coaster Nerd If....

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...If you drive crazy and speed around because you wanna get some airtime/nice laterals in your car


...If you look at the random letters on license plates and come up with coaster-related acronyms. We recently saw "FDA" and came up with "Flight Deckers Anonymous."


"Hi my name is Tom and I'm addicted to Flight Deck."

"Hiii Tommmm."

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CGA Nerd moment earlier...more like yesterday. Anywho, I was working on a wedding slideshow at work yesterday when I was thumbing though the photos and noticed a photo of a kid sitting in something...background was out of focus but I immediately recognized this teal spike and cylinder sticking up in the air with some thin supports, and directly behind the kid were these vertical metal bars. I was quick enough to realize the photo of the kid was taken at CGA, in the Sky Whirl, and the out of focus teal thing was Tidal Wave's spike! So yea, you might be a coaster nerd if you instantly spot photos of your home park.


Also, you might be a coaster nerd if you took the day off from work to attend an announcement media event for your home park (after receiving an invite)...you might be a nerd as well just for receiving the invite!

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When you strap on a pair of skates, go for a ride down the street and realize how rough the street is...immediately you begin to think Vekoma Rollerskater...why? Vekoma for being rough, and rollerskates for obvious reasons.


Also...When you named your lizard after a coaster! (I named my new bearded dragon, Tatsu)

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When you're in line for a haunt maze and spot an opening in the shrubs with a clear view of Gold Striker parts...and you immediately step away from the rest of your group to check it out.


And when you begin going paparazzi mode when you find a different angle of the same construction...and when you get GP kids behind you asking what are you taking photos of and why. It's a long story, kiddos...


Lastly, when you are tempted to count a Step 2 Coaster (Kid coasters you can buy at the store) as a credit and call it a "Plastic" credit...you know what? I may just do that Ok, I'm doing it!

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Whilst in a vehicle, I visualise a real-time G-force graph. Also one time I scraped a huge chunk of skin off my leg, my elbow, and several other areas after a rather terrible wreck as I was trying to emulate certain roller coaster elements on a scooter; I would've been 13 at the time. And finally, when in a seat such as a pew or another wide piece of furniture arranged in rows, I expect and hope that any second the back of the seat in front of me will produce a lap bar and the floor beneath will roll away and reveal the set of wheels and coaster track that I am so sure lies just beneath the innocent-looking seat.


Quite possibly, you might be a coaster nerd if you've done those.

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............Your coworkers tell you to go work back at a theme park because you annoy them by how much you talk about coasters.


............You've gotten a speeding ticket right in front of a theme park because you got so excited when you saw it that you just wanted to get there faster.


............You've thrown the season pass at the parking check lady but it ends up going underneath the seat. Before you get to the booth.

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You might be a coaster nerd if...


You see a roller coaster in a cartoon and think "There's no way that could ever be real!"

You make your cursor go in a path of a roller coaster

You know every roller coaster element the instant you see it

You think Intamin coasters>TOGO coasters

reminds you of heartline rolls

You're the only one of your classmates that knows what a Jojo roll is


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