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Deep South Bash 2011 Official Update!

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Hey everyone!


We have posted the official update from this weekends Deep South Bash at Six Flags Over Georgia!


This update features 10 pages of awesome photos from the event, and tons of videos including POV of Dare Devil Dive, Georgia Cyclone, Goliath, Mindbender, Scorcher, Monster Mansion, and even some off-ride video of Acrophobia, the "sing-off" from TPR Quest, and some insanity from our final ride of the night on Goliath!


The event was AMAZING and featured ERT on EVERY SINGLE COASTER in the park! (and Acrophobia) A walking tour of Monster Mansion! A backstage tour of the park! TPR Quest! Exclusive "Beer" Time (EBT!) A TPR Water Challenge on Great American Scream Machine! And lots more!


Click the link or the image below to check out the full update from this amazing event!




A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the awesome folks at Six Flags Over Georgia who made this event possible! And a big THANK YOU to all of our event participants who contributed photos!






Hello TPR Peeps! Deep South Bash 2011 is happening right at this moment.


We will keep live updates going in this thread as these are coming in.


Come back once a while for further updates.


Don't forget to Become a Fan of TPR on Facebook !! The photos are being uploaded on Facebook before hitting the forums.



Photo Directory:

Page 1: start of the event


Another very early morning!


TPR Members starting to arrive for Deep South Bash!


Grab your credentials and get in the park!


Hello, my name is Robb and I will be servicing you today.


"I'm just glad we're in separate booths!"


Want to thank the nearly 200 TPR Members who showed up for Deep South Bash!


Who is ready to ride???


Of COURSE there is a line for food!


First ride of the day!


Our brave riders!


How about an awesome POV of Georgia Cyclone? You got it!





You can get a pretty good idea of the layout from this picture.


Doing some riding...and filming!


The dive down by the station.


Humans are still invited!


Except for this one... He has to leave.


But during this event, we aren't riding, because we're doing a Monster Mansion backstage tour!

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Who wants to take a shot?


The most action Robb is going to get today!


TPR's Monster Mansion tour is HOT!


Which one is the monster and which one is Robb?


Monster Power!!!


Wow, these TPR members keep getting uglier!


Nerd shot!!!




Time to go behind the scenes!


Hello random boat!


The tour of Monster Mansion kicked a$$!


Poor Bob....


This guy looks real grooooovy!


This boat was bad. It was kicked out of the ride.


This is even more creepy when you can walk right up to it!


"No!!! Don't hurt me!!!"


And now even you can sing along!


Thank you for having us!


This was seriously the highlight of the morning!

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And now, for a little bit of...


...Mindbender love!


TPR never gets tired of this classic Schwarzkopf.


Isn't it pretty?


And would you like to see a POV of Mindbender? Of course you would!



Six Flags Over Georgia's new hotness for 2011 - Dare Devil Dive!


Dive! Dive! Dive!


Did we mention how insanely smooth Dare Devil Dive is???


Thumbs up from Robb!


Water challenge contestants will be playing for Dare Devil Dive wheels.


Yes, THOSE are the wheels you're playing for in the water challenge.


The Big Man and the big dude.

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Wow, I want a job as a water dummy!


A little bit of B&M love during ERT!


There might be a lot of "clones" of Batman out there, but it's still a really awesome ride!


Here's one for the lift hill enthusiasts!


Thumbs UP for a good "old school" B&M!




It's time for our favorite coaster in the park!


Well, KidTums' at least!


It's pretty good for a "kiddie coaster."


Still plenty of excellent ad space available next to the men's restroom.


Sorry Chuck, no more ERT for you!


More Schwarzkopf love!


Yay! El Toro...


... For kids!


Happy to be here! Thank you Six Flags!


This is one PACKED FULL AWESOME day!


Random TPR group photo!

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"Hi, I'm a dork."


"Hi, I'm a bigger dork!"


No comment needed here!


"Ready to ride some wood!"


Schwarzkopf artsy shot!


B&M artsy shot!


"I'm drivin a truck... Drivin a big 'ol truck!"


Was really cool hanging out with Brandy and her family.


She even made us this awesome cake to share at our pre-Deep South Bash dinner!


TPR members loving Deep South Bash!


You guys are BRAVE!


"Check me out! Me and the big man!"


"Fly, fatass, fly!!!"


"Thanks for the Flash Pass discount!"


And who do you think they keep in here?


This moment = orgasm for Tyler!

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A quick update From inside the park:


Everything is going terrific! The backstage tours were a fantastic way to get some exclusive pictures!


Park is CROWDED!!! Its a good thing I got a flash pass!


The chicken and BBQ lunch was yummy and so was the ICE CREAM!!!


We haven't already hit the halfway point of the day, and it has already been worth every cent!


Absolutely cannot wait for tonight!!! I'll post a Photo TR next week some time!


To all those traveling out of town, welcome to my Home park! I'm proud to call it home!

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Deep South Bash at Six Flags Over Georgia is going awesome!


OMG! Who let this guy in???


What exactly are the other uses???


Hey Great Adventure fanboys! Does this hurt to see your old GASM trains?


Hooray for free on ride photos included with Deep South Bash!


I don't even know what to say.... Wendy's???


Gotta love Goliath!


Awww, this years Christmas card photo!


Love it!!!


Coaster porn!


Tonight, GASM is getting WET!


More coaster porn!


Gotta love the views from the picnic area!


The most thrilling ride in the park!


Credit whores!


Is TPR ready for lunch?


Hooray! A gravy-free meal!!!


We ate our weight in BBQ!


The people that made Deep South Bash possible!


And all of TPR says THANK YOU to those people who helped make it possible!


Deep South Bash backstage tour has begun!

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More photos...




Backstage tours are mainly so we can get awesome coaster porn photos that you can't get from inside the park!


Yup, we are all nerds!


We covered almost the entire park!


This is my new #1 diesel tank.


Views of Superman that you can't get as a normal guest!


Entering the employee areas of the park.




Congrats on your star, Brianna!


Yup, more nerds!


We really did get some awesome views on this tour!


Can't get these shots anywhere else.


Hooray for Schwarzkopf!


Mindbender might be one of the oldest coasters in the park, but it's still one of the most popular!


Thank you Six Flags Over Georgia for an awesome backstage tour!

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Awesome photos of what sounds like a great event! Two specific thoughts:


1. The Monster Mansion backstage tour rivals anything I've ever gotten to do on a TPR trip. Very jealous that I missed it, but very grateful for the photos. Thanks!


2. What is Brandy doing enjoying thrilling theme park rides? She should be in the kitchen making tasty snacks and then posting about them on here. I call shenanigans!

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Thanks to Robb, Elisa, and Brad with Six Flags for setting everything up for us today! This was my first TPR event, and it did not disappoint. I loved the water cup challenge, even though not a drop remained in my cup. I loved night ERT on Goliath, and GASM was running better than ever this evening! I'm so happy to meet new friends including Rebecca, Jonathan, and David. Can't wait for more fun next time.

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Thank you to everyone that made this event possible. What an amazing day all around. Ert on DDD in the morning was amazing and 6 times in a row, not getting off and being the last train dispatched on Goliath was incredible.Can't forget about the water challenge on GASM even though by the second hill I didn't have a cup. I have never felt better leaving a park in my life. Can't wait till I can do another Bash and maybe someday a whole TPR trip. Thanks again to everyone at SFOG and at TPR that made this event so memorable!!

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More photos....




Do any other Six Flags park have this??? Post if you've seen this anywhere else!


Doin' it Freestyle!


Solo coaster geek.


Backstage of Superman!


Hooray! Coaster porn!


Just taking a little nap.


Adam wasn't invited to the group nap.


Awesome Goliath photo ops on the backstage tour.


Boob credit!


Six Flags has large rodent issues.


Cedar Fair may have the most trash cans...but Six Flags has them beat on variety! We have proof!


"...Well, at least it's not Duffy on a stick!"


Rough, but still awesome!


Visit Fright Fest and get the Texas Giant credit!


That's a pretty awesome Deep South Bash schedule!


The best ERT, I mean EBT at Deep South Bash!


TPR loves EBT!


Thank you to our good friend Rhonda Holland for helping us with Deep South Bash!


EBT should make TPR Quest more entertaining!


"Hi Candace!"


One of these guys is clearly gay. Which one? Answer now!


Even Derek took a break from Exclusive Beer Time for Exclusive Pie Time!


Our 2011 Deep South Bash TPR Quest contestants! Robb will call out an item...and you guys have to go get it from the audience...and sometimes that item might be someone from the audience!


This is quite the prize table of loot to be playing for! Is that a Mindbender lapbar and a Deja Vu restraint I see???


"Bring me someone's onride photo!"


TPR Quest means crazy games such as the human wheelbarrow game!


These guys really want to win!


Dude! This is "human wheelbarrow", not "human caveman drags some chick across the ground!"


"I want TWO belts from the audience!"


Quick! Everybody whip Andrew with your belt!


Show me your theme park related tattoo!


This guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody better than Freddy Mercury!


And here are the top 5 winners!


Andrew "swimace" takes the TPR Quest Crown! He won the Deja Vu restraint!


This is why Brazil's has yet to be built... SFOG still has all of Deja Vu's parts.


Here are the official TPR Quest results.


Brad gave out Deep South Bash goodie bags for all of out attendees!


We even had these awesome "Dare Devil Dive" executive pens to give out as prizes!


Derek says last call for EBT! (I love that the park made us a sign for EBT!!!)


TPR loves EBT!

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And the final batch of photos...




Night time ERT is about to begin!


The highlight of tonight's ERT is the TPR Water Challenge!


Everyone have full cups and ready for the water challenge?


The GASM Water Challenge has begun!


Not a single drop of water in the cups returned!!!


The Water Challenge has spilled out into the walkways!


"We need a better strategy!"


Yup, TPR members out on the ride...getting very wet!


Garbles thinks he's got a plan to win.


Everyone combines their water to determine how much the team collected.


And there was a bit of a water flight in the station as well!


The ride seemed to be running better, the wetter it got!


Big Mike loves his wet girls!


This is not going to end well for you guys.


Watch out for this man...those 8 cups of water aren't to play the challenge...


They are for the riders!


Poor Team Garbles!


You guys look VERY WET! What happened Garbles?


Oh, yeah! We also had night ERT on Superman!


Assume the position!


Let's give some nighttime ERT love to Dare Devil Dive!


Ran even better at night!


That blur is happy TPR members!




Did we mention Canyon Blaster ERT?


We have every coaster in the park for ERT....and Acrophobia!


Good luck guys! (and I do mean the guys!)


"Please do not let this ride take my virginity away!!!"


This is one ride that legitimately scares me!


The official Acrophobia face!


And finally, ERT was closed out with Goliath!


Awesome ERT!!!!


No lines! No waiting!!!


And it was pretty dark up there.


Robb takes his final ride of the night!


Do you guys want to ride ONE MORE TIME???



Check out this awesome video from the LAST RIDE of the night on Goliath!



The TPR Water Challenge winners were announced! It was Team Garbles that took the lead. As you can see, everyone else supports their winning.


We had an awesome turn out of die-hards that lasted the entire night!!! Thank you to everyone at Six Flags for putting on an amazing event!!!


And thank you to our nearly 200 TPR members who turned out for the event...and to everyone who submitted photos throughout the day. You guys are AWESOME!!!





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