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  1. There is truth, but I don't believe its this season. I know the park was/is planning on getting a new entrance to help traffic flow and large number of people at the front gates.
  2. As a former SFOT employee I 100% agree with all of this. management needs a change, and needs it now. Operations are horrible I was a VIP Tour Guide and they were terrible when I would be doing tours. I had to leave the park after god awful management and they need change so fast. The park is falling fast and needs to recover. I don't find they think of guests first they think of them self's.
  3. I worked at Six Flags Over Texas and when management would have a meeting everyday about the status about the company they called it the YOLO Coaster when they talked about the coaster when it opened. I found it funny even other parks management call it YOLO Coaster. My boss was confused what they were talking about and asked me what YOLO Coaster was!
  4. Yeah, I was out there on Tuesday as well. Too bad about all those rides being closed. But Gold Pass holders could get free refills on slurpees all day long with a special coupon they give you at the parking gate. Great way to beat the heat. Most Rides were closed due to very high winds, other than Shockwave and Giant
  5. Is Undertow ever going to open? I haven't even heard that its testing. No announcement date yet ether. I'm coming at the end of July I hope that it opens soon. It seems to be taking a while to get this ride open.
  6. That policy is mostly due to the fact that people on Batman like to move the lock of the belt up and down to create a annoying noise, so in return they are told just not touch them.
  7. Texas. As of last weekend it was in the over flow parking lot at SFoT
  8. It was getting painted. They finished painting it last week. It looks like a carrot lol
  9. That would be Flashbacks ride track and supports they have been painted Green (track) and orange (supports)
  10. It's funny how misinformed you guys are lol! Flashbacks track has been at the park's parking lot and was there last time I saw was last weekend. Both Flashbacks trains are in the parks back area not necessarily the "bone yard" and Flashbacks trains were removed off track every October so they are removed. St. Louis is only getting the Boomerang track no control's, breaks and other mechanical aspects of the ride. Trains I can not comment on, but some people on here have to right idea what is going on
  11. Trains are at SFoT in a back area the same place that Texas Giants old trains are placed you can see them while on Titan.
  12. All season passes are the same card regular or gold. The printer in the US Parks just prints gold and parking on the pass, the bar code is really the thing that matters. I'm not sure how La Ronde's Season Passes process. But if the Printers in the US do not have gold option pressed they will not give it a bar code with gold on it. I can find this out for you. This is just my info I'm in no way posting representing Six Flags, but I can help you out if you PM me.
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