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  1. For anyone getting a hotel Saturday night and hasn't made reservations yet, you might want to get on it. Got lucky and booked the last double room at the Wingate this afternoon.
  2. Definitely looking forward to this. SFoG pulled out all the stops for us last year!
  3. From what I remember, it was supposed to go where Camp Minnie-Mickey is, and that land was added as a placeholder. For some time, you could see references to Beastly Kingdom in the area if you looked closely. Not sure if they're still there, though.
  4. Interesting partnership they've come up with here. DAK is a good fit for this IMO - they need some more major attractions and the conservation/environment storylines could fit in well. I just hope they don't overdo it and let it be as heavy-handed as it is in the movie.
  5. What a fantastic day. Water Challenge and crazy Goliath ERT was the perfect way to cap things off! Thanks so much to everyone for putting on this great event!
  6. We're waking up at the fantastic hour of 4am to make the drive over from Auburn, so please bear with us if we're a little out of it tomorrow during the event. That said, can't wait for tomorrow morning!
  7. Super excited for this event, especially as more and more fun stuff keeps getting added. Can't wait to meet you all on Saturday!
  8. Yeah, I have a hard time seeing this actually happen. Would love to see it, but it just seems like the hole would get deeper and deeper and this cycle would just continue.
  9. Just bought 2 tickets for this, paid through PayPal. Looking forward to my first TPR event (also most likely the only SFoG trip I'll get to make this season because of work ).
  10. The Masquerade is still open and probably just like you remember it. Going to see a show there in a few weeks, actually. As for the DSB, I would definitely make the drive up I-85 from East Alabama and would most likely bring another person or two along.
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