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Busch Gardens Bash! Oct. 15th, 2011 - Busch Gardens Tampa

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Busch Gardens Bash - Busch Gardens Tampa

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

BUY TICKETS: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=146


- 1 Hour ERT on Cheetah Hunt & Montu!

- Backstage Tour of Montu!

- Q&A Session with Park Management!

- Admission to Busch Gardens Tampa!

- Admission to Howl-O-Scream!

- Front of the Line Passes for Howl-O-Scream Mazes!

- Group Lunch!


- A Full day at Busch Gardens Tampa *AND* a full night at Howl-O-Scream Included!

- TPR's first ever Florida Bash event!



Event Ticket Prices

Club TPR Member rates:

Busch Season Pass Holder - $84.99

Non-Season Pass Holder - $129.99


Non Club TPR Member rates:

Busch Season Pass Holder - $89.99

Non-Season Pass Holder - $134.99


Please keep in mind that the cost of Howl-O-Scream alone was $69 for the admission and $35 for the front of the line pass in 2010! And if you don't have a season pass, Busch Gardens Tampa full day admission is $79.99. And you're getting food, ERT, and a backstage tour on top of that!


This is a GREAT VALUE for an awesome (but expensive) Florida Park!


Additional Charge Add-Ons (explained further in the FAQ below):

Quick Queue (during the day) - $18.95

Fright Feast Dinner (evening) - $24.95

Howl-O-Scream Backstage Tour (during the day) - $19.99


(We recommend Fright Feast, as this happens in between when Busch Gardens closes, and Howl-O-Scream opens. Otherwise you may have to leave the park, and re-enter for Howl-O-Scream.)




A final event schedule with more details will be emailed to you prior to the event. You will pick up your tickets at the event during morning check-in.


Event Rules & Additional Details


- You MUST be a registered member of Club TPR (Paid Subscription: http://www.clubtpr.com) to purchase tickets at the club member rate. Your guests do NOT have to be a member. You may purchase tickets for your guests at the Club TPR member rate as long as you are a Club TPR member.


*NOTE* If your guest is a past TPR member whose account/membership has been deactivated or banned, they will not be allowed into the event and your account/membership may also be subject to being deactivated or banned and you may also not be allowed into the event.


- Cameras are not allowed on any coasters or rides at Busch Gardens Tampa.


- All event participants MUST abide by ALL park rules and Theme Park Review’s/Club TPR's code of conduct and terms of service. Violation of park rules is subject to you and your guests removal from the park and your account being banned.



- Q: What do I need to do to attend this event?

A: Simply register online and your event packets, tickets, and other information will be available the morning of the event. Nothing will be mailed to you. You must pick up your tickets at the event.


- Q: What are the additional upcharges?

A: Good question! The Quick Queue tickets will allow you one ride on each of Busch Gardens Tampa's major attractions (Kumba, SheiKra, Montu, Cheetah Hunt, Log Flume, Rhino Rally, etc.) during the day portion of the event. The Fright Fest is a HUGE buffet meal for dinner, and the Howl-O-Scream tour is something extra special for "haunt" fans, and it will take you behind-the-scenes of some of the haunted mazes during the day, and show you how all the secrets work!


- Q: Will you have onsite event registration?

A: Sorry, but no tickets will be available during morning check in. TICKETS WILL BE LIMITED so register NOW.


- Q: I cannot make it to the park before check-in ends, can I still attend the event if I cannot make the entire day?

A: Yes, you may arrive after check-in ends. Your event packet will be left at will call or guest relations under the name of the person who registered.

Please note there are NO REFUNDS given if you cannot make the event.


- Q: How old do you have to be to attend this event?

A: There is no age limit for this event. We will have members as young as KidTums and as old as Jeff Johnson! Please note that while there is no age limit for Howl-O-Scream, Busch Gardens Tampa recommends this event for ages over 13 years.


- Q: Is there a ticket option for just the day part or the night part of this event?

A: No, sorry, this is a "full day event" only. If you need to leave early, or arrive late, that's fine, but we are unable to offer the event split up by day or night.


- Q: When will the final event schedule be released?

A: I'll try to get something posted a couple of weeks before the event, but I will also email you all the details a few days prior.


- Q: What does "ERT" or "Exclusive Ride Time" mean?

A: ERT means that the rides and attractions listed during those times on the schedule are open ONLY to attendees of this event.


- Q: Can I apply the cost of my event ticket towards a season pass?

A: In the past, our host parks have allowed members to do this. I would imagine it would be the same this year, although we have not heard anything officially.


- Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Once you have paid for an event ticket, there are NO REFUNDS. You are welcome to try to sell your ticket to another member, but it would not be possible to refund tickets.


- Q: If I am mailing in a check, when do you need the payment by?

A: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Until your ticket is "paid", you technically do not have tickets to this event. If the event sells out due to other members who have paid up for their tickets, we cannot guarantee you a spot. The best advice we can give you is pay via PayPal, or drop your check in the mail immediately.


- Q: Does this event price include admission to the park?

A: If you are a season pass holder, your season pass serves as your park admission. If you are a non-season passholder, you will be given a park admission ticket for the event day.


- Q: I don't have a Busch Pass, but I do have a valid admission ticket in the form of a flex pass, comp ticket, or employee ticket. Can I use this?

A: Yes. As long as you have some sort of "valid admission" for Busch Gardens Tampa, you may purchase the Season Pass rate.


- Q: Does this event price include airfare, transportation, or hotel lodging?

A: No.


- *Q: I am a member of TPR's forums, does that allow me to purchase the Club TPR member rate?

A: No, sorry. The forum membership and Club TPR Membership are two different things. Being a member of the TPR Forum, while completely free, does not allow you to get the Club TPR Member Rate. You *MUST* be a Club TPR Member for those prices. Being a member of the forum allows you to attend the event.


- If you have any questions about registration you may email robbalvey@themeparkreview.com

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This is awesome! (A bit pricey....) but still awesome!

This is exactly the reason why we haven't done a Florida event yet. It's just flat out expensive to do anything. And that's why we picked a time when we could include TWO unique events to offer people (Busch Gardens + Howl-O-Scream), as doing either one or the other just wouldn't be cost effective at all, and wouldn't make sense to do an event.

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I should be buying my tickets tonight.

My dad is trying to edge out of it by trying to say we don't have money. He succeed. He doesn't expect me to pay for his ticket too. :I

This. Is. A. Must. Do.


How many ticket slots are available?

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I'm in. A little spendy since I already have a 2 year AP to Busch Gardens, but I've been wanting to attend a TPR event for YEARS, so it'll be worth it. Not sure if I'll stay for Howl-O-Scream though. I normally don't do Halloween events because I just can't stomach the gore. But we'll see.


I can't buy my ticket for a couple weeks though (90% of my paycheck this week goes to the rent and the rest goes to other bills), but I'll be able to buy mine when I get paid again in 2 weeks.

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I'm in. A little spendy since I already have a 2 year AP to Busch Gardens, but I've been wanting to attend a TPR event for YEARS, so it'll be worth it. Not sure if I'll stay for Howl-O-Scream though. I normally don't do Halloween events because I just can't stomach the gore. But we'll see.

Honestly, Howl-O-Scream is a pretty spread out event, and even if you just want to hang out at the park at night, do some rides, hang out with friends, and NOT do the mazes, it's still a great time!

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Busch Gardens puts on a great event. This is not a bad deal considering everything you are getting. Front of the line passes for Howl-O-Scream cant be overlooked either especially for a Saturday night. It sounds expensive but if you break down everything that is included for a full day event, it's really not that outlandish.



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I really want to go to this! Hopefully I can find a way to be there. This event lands right on my 20th birthday, so maybe if I convince some of my family to get me a really nice present... hmm.


Seriously though, I really miss being with TPR at parks. Maybe I'll find a way. Right now, it's either tuition or coasters.

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This sounds awesome Robb! People may cry about the price, but that's a damn good deal! Let's not forget the afternoon trip to the Yuengling Brewery next door for some free beer! Any ideas on hotel deals? Some of us might be unable to safely operate a vehicle that night!


Thanks for the awesome event! Robb Alvey... Breaking ground in the Sunshine State!

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Well, this might well seal it. I've been planning a trip to HHN for October 12-17th with a buddy of mine, but its still up in the air. This could be the thing that puts the deal in ink.

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Dude! This is awesome! Not to mention an incredible deal! I was thinking I might take a jaunt down to Floruba to get to the Halloween events this year as my October is looking a bit light right now. I will have to check when I get home. Wouldn't wanna get in dutch with the wife.

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I'm in--how can I pass up a TPR Bash that includes a Halloween event? This has been my Year of Bashes--West Coast, New Texas Giant, East Coast, Deep South, and now BG Tampa!

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Wow, this day is going to be epic! I didn't get to do HOS last year so this will be a perfect way to do it.


This falls right around my birthday so it will be a perfect birthday present!


Planning on getting quick queue for the day (it is a Saturday) and adding the dinner...will just have to wait until after the NE trip.



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