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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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I had posted a picture from my winning Volunteer of the Year in the "Picture of Me" thread, but now my company wants to do a article on me! They are big into volunteering (they participated in the AIDS Walk and didn't know I was there working or was involved with the organization!), so they think it's a big deal that I won. Oh btw the way, my company has over 15K employees!


I'm famous!




P.S. Also I'm going to be included in a Art show exhibit in two weeks on South Beach. My avatar is a clip of one of the pictures... I cropped it at the chest!

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I just went to the Outer Banks yesterday and had a GREAT time! It started raining when we got onto the beach and the water was too cold for swimming, but I got to spend a lot of time with family and we had some great free samples at the many farmer's markets on the way down... If you're ever travelling to the Outer Banks from Hampton Roads, I totally suggest stopping at one or more of the many farmer's markets on the way down...


On top of that, my mom won $15 in the NC Lottery.


However the rain did clear up the second we left...

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I just found out that the're remaking Pokemon Gold and Silver as Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. And I'm very excited considering that GSC were the best Pokemon games ever!


This will probably be the most anticipated DS game ever.

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