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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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No idea why I didn't post this on the day of, but it suddenly jumped into my mind.

(Lack of happiness is only a setup for what is to come.)

I was quite, er, displeased that Wild Waves provided links to purchase discounted tickets online that would be valid on the day I was planning to use them, but would not actually allow me to buy them.


So I desperately typed in "Wild Waves discounts" to Google, even though I didn't really want to go to a Federal Way grocery store or anything. Well, all the stores (or "community centers") seemed to be in Seattle. Then I clicked on one link half by accident. Guess what it was! A coupon, for anyone, that you print at home, that was only valid the very day I was going!


Then I was happy again.

And I was completely happy when it worked perfectly.

And then I had a perfect 45 minutes at Wild Waves.

The end.

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Today was the best day of the school year, basically.


In animation, we watched Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

In English, we did basically nothing but hang out.

After school I went back to the animation room to finish my project, and got to talk to my friend Aaron.

After my project, I went to my school's freshman barbeque and got to hang with all my friends.

At about 5 I went to my school's junior varsity and varsity football games with the girl I like and another friend.

I got home about 9:30.


Freaking great day.

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^ First off, congratulations for beating the Big C. But do take caution and check with your doctor frequently to make sure that it doesn't return. I've known people who had their cancer come back.


For you, I hope dearly that isn't the case. Now go treat yourself to something nice!



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^^I wish I had an A&W closer to me. Even though there's one about 40 minutes away there seem to be no others in this whole state!


The A&W here is about 20-30 minutes in another county from me. It would be nice if there was one closer though. Although I really wish MD would have a Sonic.


Good mood today. Three day weekend, due to a ghetto County Fair. My cousin is coming from Chicago with his family, and it's getting cooler outside. And I'm leaving soon for my HS football game with some of my friends.

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I just won an auction and a door prize at a dinner party last night. I won the auction for 2 tickets to the 2010 olympics figure skating finals at a $1200 bid. The door prize included a $100 travel gift certificate as well as a bag o' travel goodies. That gift certificate is going towards my Cedar Point/Kings Island trip next year! Yay!


Feelin' like I'm in heaven

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