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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Regarding my slice of Happiness Pie three posts up, I decided to go to the Auto Show tomorrow, rain or shine. It's all indoors so the only possible problem with weather is the quarter mile walk from the Metro to the Convention Center...could be wet.


And, I'm eating the last slice of apple pie.



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My day was awesome

1st Period: My teacher passed back lab reports, she made a remark that people had copied and I thought "Oh s***" to myself because my friend in our lab group had sent a version of our lab for everyone to modify/use. Luckily, I got an A on it!


2nd Period: I really wasn't looking forward at all to math today since my two friends that I sit with (who actually make it entertaining since the class is really bad) were performing in the pit at our school's musical. However, my teacher used her sway to get us into the musical instead of having math. So I got to see it for a second time, which is good, and miss math. However, this was an "invitational" so you'd only see as much of the musical that they could fit into the period, but...


3rd Period: 3rd period is my jazz band class, however, my teacher is also the pit conductor, so we got to see the second half of the musical and not have to do anything!


4th Period: We had a spanish test, but I'm pretty confident with how I did.


And, I got a 56/60 on my AP Euro test, and an A on my AP Euro essay.

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