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Photo TR: Elissa & KT Visit Legoland!

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Hey everyone!


With Robb over in Sweden filming on the all new Twister, KT and I had other TPR responsibilities closer to home. Legoland California was hosting a VIP day to check out their new 2011 attractions. How could we pass up going to California's best park!?!? So we took one of KT's friends from school and her mom and made it a fun girls weekend out!


First a few notes from Park President Peter Ronchetti:


- 2010 was the most successful year ever for Legoland Resort in part due to the world's only Lego Water Park.

- The water park was so popular and went over so well they're adding a new area geared towards toddlers that will open at the end of this month.

- The Sea Life Aquarium has also been very popular and added a new Octopus Garden area.

- Merlin now has 74 attractions in 16 countries!


In fact, all of the speakers they had at the event were British! They've come to take back their country!


FYI - for this visit we stayed at the West Inn & Suites and REALLY liked it. We've stayed at nearly all of the Carlsbad hotels and this is my new favorite. Also, shout out to Allen's NY Pizza (http://www.allensnewyorkpizza.com/) which delivered to the hotel and was super yummy!


Onto the pictures!


Friday night, KT and her friend Shyler got cozy and watched some movies after dinner. Had to rest up for the big day tomorrow!


We've arrived at Legoland, on another gorgeous Carlsbad day! I swear the weather down there is always perfect!


KT is VERY excited to head back into the Legoland Water Park. Seriously a SUPER waterpark for under 10's. And one of the best 'preschooler' areas I've seen outside of Disney water parks.


The toddler area also makes an excellent stage as this is where the opening speeches were made and we were told all about the new for 2011 attractions.


STOP & REMEMBER!!! (to pee)


After some short and to the point speeches they opened up the water park just for our group. It was really nice, but the water was freezing. This is a big problem at all of the California water parks. Heat the water!!! There were a lot of crying and sad kids because they just couldn't face the frigid water. I swear last year the water was heated so this was a disappointment.


The kids lazy river was popular as the kids could ride in tubes and not get wet!


The full size lazy river with build your own tubes is just amazing! It really works well and is such a neat idea. We didn't get to do it though as the girls were just too cold to go into the water.


Back in the main park it was time to check out the redone Fire Academy. They basically took two of the fire trucks and turned them into 'Police Trucks' instead. Then when you get to the water spray area you're spraying a robber! The girls LOVED the ride as always and were excited to have a new option.


I kind of like the idea of my local post office burning down. I'm glad we weren't in that lane or I would have just let the fire rage on!


KT was a very good driver. While Melissa and I did the hard work pumping that giant truck back and forth! (Yes it was Elissa and Melissa at the park with their kids!)


We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a bit early this year.


KT is a bit spoiled and not into all of the kiddie rides as much anymore but too short for a lot of the bigger rides. She wasn't amused that her friend wasn't allowed on the 'horse ride'.


KT and Shyler are BOTH Frog Hopper Enthusiasts.


Next it was time to check out the Sea Life Aquarium.


I think instead of these signs they should show scenes from Mega Pirahna!


The new Octopus exhibit was very cool. And a lot of them were actually out and about instead of hiding. I couldn't help but think though that if they had a Sharktopus it would have been a more interesting exhibit.


This guy heard me complain about him and tried to eat our children.


The Sharktopus puppet show was a sad shell of the movie. It didn't even have the guy getting eaten on the zip line!?!?


They had a small craft area setup for kids. Seriously, you have no idea how much a little paper, glue, and glitter can mean to a child. All parks should have little craft areas. My only complaint was that it wasn't sea or fish related. How hard would it be to have the paper cut into fish shapes instead of face shapes?


Back inside we check out the big tank in this Sea Life filled with Sharks, Rays, and LEGOS!


KT has spotted something! (Please let it be a Pirahnaconda!?!)


It was a shark coming right for us Jaws 3 style.


Again, this Sea Life takes a page from Legoland and the Lego Water Park in really being geared towards smaller children. There are a ton of random windows and exhibits all down lower at their height.


Kristen likes being part of their world.


Kristen's favorite park of Legoland is the Duplo play area.


There are all kinds of play structures, role playing, buttons, etc.


And good slides!


KT sent Shyler to jail!


But then they made friends again and rode off into the sunset.


Until there was a tragic motorcycle accident, and they went to the hospital.


So the other big new thing this year at Legoland is the first ever Star Wars Miniland. Now, before the pictures, I do need to explain that I am NOT a fan of Star Wars and don't really know that much about it. I'm sure this would be really cool for people into Star Wars, but I felt it wasn't on the same level as the rest of miniland. Just kind of seemed like kits you could probably buy and put together yourself. Not on that same Grand Scale that the rest of miniland is.


Kristen was really upset by this as she felt someone must have knocked it over. I tried to explain that it was 'born that way' but it didn't work.


I have no idea what this is, but someone walked by and said it was a 'wampa' (sp?) and I remembered that our very own jeditard Adam likes that so I took a picture.


I think this ship is important in one of the movies!?!


These aren't the Droids you're looking for. They're legos.


The black dude is bad. (not in a racist way)


Some sort of Emerald City. (I know all you Star Wars fans must be dying right now)


Some sort of civil war reenactment was going on.


So really the girls and I had no interest in this area but at least it had buttons to press!


And we end this update with hopefully a future SyFy movie...Shark Warrior!!!


Seriously though. Legoland is amazing, and you should really go there NOW!!!

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Kristen was really upset by this as she felt someone must have knocked it over. I tried to explain that it was 'born that way' but it didn't work.


Ah, Good trip report though! I went to the one in Windsor and it wasn't amazing. I was something around the age of Nine. I liked the dragon back then though. Dosn't the Californian version have a Dragon Coaster?

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^Yes, there is a very good Dragon coaster at Legoland here, but we were with two little girls who are 38-39" so we couldn't ride it.

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Great Report on the Lego's, I especially liked the covering of the aquarium. You never get to see to many pics of that. And no worries on the star wars fans (me included), it is like TPR, you need to have a sense of humor.

Are you sure they are droids, and not Alice trying to find the Wizard.

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Nice report, Elissa. I appreciate the kids' perspective. I try to notice when parks put in special little touches for little guests. I think I remember lower sinks and mirrors in the restroom for little boys when we were there in February. Nice stuff. And you really should check out a Star Wars film or two. They're actually good!

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I must be the outcast here, and I am sure I will get flack for it, but I went to Legoland once in 2009 and thought it was an awful park. The prices were outrageously high and the park was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY EXTREMELY INSANELY crowded. Had to wait almost 2 hours to ride that Technic coaster, about 4 of the major attractions were closed, including the Dragon Coaster, and had a several rude ride ops. I am sure it was a fluke and I just was there on a bad day. However, after seeing these pics, the park does look like a much better experience than my first time, so I will give it another try next month while I am down there and hopefully have a much better experience. Thanks for the pics, though

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^ That's surprising.


Legoland parks are amongst my favourites, I've been to thee of them now and I always have a good time. I'd be interested to see what you think after a second visit



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Legoland operates year round and because of this there are almost always one or two rides down. Check their website ahead of time before your next visit as they always put up their maintenance schedule.


Also, sounds like you went on a busy day. Pretty much every park sucks when it's busy.

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I remember writing a letter to Legoland windsor giving them ideas to have a waterpark (Indoor) and they sent back a thank you and a badge and then a couple of years later this comes along in California and what do I get?

I'm joking but the letter part was true.

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Great trip report Elissa! it's always interesting to see other people's perspectives on Legoland, since I live 5 minutes away, I've been spoiled when it comes to park trips.


I do agree that some of the Str Wars Areas looked very rushed (Geonosis, Mustfar And Hoth)


Still with all these "mini" additions for 2011, they seem to be keeping us in suspense for the 2012 addition. Seeing as all other SoCal Parks seems to be gearing up for so ething big, it would make sense Legoland will add something as well. I guess I'll have to hang on to my Resort Pass for another year!

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I hope you didn't get too upset having to leave the park every time you wanted a cigarette!

I liked the park, seeing these pictures reminds me of how much nicer it is than the one we went to last year, were we in Germany? I don't think I remember...

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I've watched the movies, I just don't get what's so special I guess.


I much prefer cheesy bad SyFy type scifi, not space soap operas that take themselves really seriously.

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The prices were outrageously high and the park was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY EXTREMELY INSANELY crowded.


Ha, you should see the prices at Legoland Billund. Those were truly painful. A large soda was something like $10.


If I remember correctly, when we went to Legoland California we went on some sort of attractions combo ticket that made admission very reasonable.

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YES!!! Someone else that doesn't know a damn thing about Star Wars and could care less! I love you Elissa! People always look at me retarded when I say I hate Star Wars and they call me a blasphemer. Sorry but Sci-Fi isn't for everyone.

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^A friend of mine, who liked Star Wars back in the 1970s, said that he rewatched the original flick last week and decided that it hadn't aged well at all. I just look on them as dumb fun.


I have yet to visit the California Legoland, but I always thought it looked like a nice place. Maybe TPR needs to hold a "West Coast Lego Bash" some day.

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