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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Is it just me or does BGW get overrun with more and more ACErs every single weekend? Coaster Crew was in the park last night and ACE was at the event at least one of the last few weekends.


Saw a guy in a TPR shirt Friday. Not sure who he was or whether or not he posts here often, but I gave him a high five.

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At Six Flags Over Georgia, Acrophobia was closed all day with no sign of reopening. I had ridden everything I wanted at the park except for that ride. As I was about to return the Flash Pass, Acrophobia was not only testing but REOPENED!!! Long story short, I got to ride it and had a blast. It was a great way to end the day at Six Flags Over Georgia.




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My boyfriend bought me a Ukelele for xmas (by my request) and he's just started teaching me how to play! (he's played quitar for YEARS so is pretty experienced with stringed instruments).

He says i'm learning really fast and much better than he expected :3

but the one downside? My fingers are KILLING me! :'( but i'm enjoying it

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