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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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^ You would have loved watching a seagull steal my chili-cheese dog one time when I was at Wienerschnitzel. I stepped away from my table to pick up some trash that had blown away, and while I was a few feet from there, the bird swooped in and got a free lunch. At the time I was really mad, but in hindsight it's kind of funny, and I wish I had a picture of the bird inhaling the darned thing!



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I work at Chuck E. Cheese's. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh... BUT...


In Kansas, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. That's what I work at.

For waiters and waitresses, it's $2.65 an hour.

I made a $40 tip yesterday. I've actually never made less than a $20 tip before. My pay is more than 2x more than waiters and waitresses plus my tips are massively bigger.


Who's complaining about Chuck E. Cheese's now?

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This is for cooksta77: Did they annex your town to Rancho Cucamonga? I have family there and recently got a wedding invitation (their son's wedding, March 19, so I can't attend West Coast Bash), and their return address had Rancho Cucamonga on it instead of Alta Loma like it has for years. Did Alta Loma just...vanish?



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^ You want a McDonald's? Is your back yard big enough for one? And remember that you need room for the drive-thru...


Speaking of which, back in 1985 or so, we went through a McDonald's drive-thru on a genuine English Routemaster double deck bus. You have never seen so many WTF?!? looks in one place at one time...



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Steven Pinker-How the Mind Works

34 Euphemisms for Feces


Generic: Waste, Fecal matter, Filth, Muck

Formal: Feces,Excrement,Excreta,Defecation,Ordure

With Children: Poop, doo-doo, ka-ka, doody, job, business, Number 2, BM

of Diapers: Soil, Dirt,Load

Medical: Stool, Bowel Movement

Animal,Large Units: Pats,Chips,Pies

Animal Small Units: Droppings

Animal Scientific: Scat, Coprolites

Animal Agricultural: Manure,Guano,Dung

Human Agricultural: Night Soil,Humanure,Human Biosolids

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