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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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So on the winds we sail forth, on the Sea of Chalupas - chalupas! When out of the ocean, the great Chalupa King, he comes with his mighty bolt of electric lightning fury. My chalupas, I defend, from the king of the Great Chalupa Sea. With his arms of modern steam powered engine of the future. 6.99 for a value meal! 6.99 for a value meal!

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Well, I'm sixteen years old today.


Too bad this week is gonna be one of the busiest theatre weeks I've ever experienced, EVER.


As in I have to greet every day for the children's show third period, meaning I'm gonna try to get out of trig five minutes early so I can change into my costume and be ready when the kids come, as well as having to perform the children's show every single day, along with the spring musical Hairspray opening next Friday, us being nowhere ready with a TON of props that are still being tracked down because I'm on props crew, and Saturday is going to be Tech Saturday, so I have to spend nine hours at school working.



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What the heck, I might as well try out the Crysis 1 demo, just to see if this computer is up to it.


Update: Just... wow. That was amazing. If I can buy that game in the future, I will, by all means. Maybe I played it differently than a lot of other people (I was more stealthy than anything else), but I seriously enjoyed it.

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