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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I didn't notice it on my calendar, until now. Nonetheless...



Happy "International No Hitting Day"





I kid you not, that's what it says on my calendar, here.

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I'm on an acne medication that I've had before, but it takes it away for good. My doctor says occasionally he'll assign a second round but that's all that's needed. I'm on my second round, and my acne-for the most part- is gone. However, the side affects are awful.


So far, I've gained weight (More than 5 lbs in a month) and my vision is getting awful, and I have glasses. My computer is about a foot and a half from my eyes, and things on the screen are somewhat blurry.


... Aside from all this, I'm very grateful just to have this medication.

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Why is being banned looked at as a punishment on this site?


I thought banning is supposed to stop someone from posting for whatever reason...not a punishment. lol at this site using fear tactics to make mods seem more powerfull and awesome in real life on 13 year old kids

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