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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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If I want to make a Photo TR of a zoo that has rides (a log flume), should I put it in the random section, or the theme parks, roller coasters, and rubber duckies section?


I would put it in the "theme parks, roller coasters, and rubber duckies" section.

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Someone asked me what my coaster count is. I just froze. Then it came to me...I have no idea how many coasters I've ridden.


But, being the enthusiast that I am, I couldn't let on that the mysterious number was nowhere to be found in my mind. So I stalled. Hemmed. Hawed.


And then it came to me. Just make up a number. He wouldn't know the difference anyway, and there was no way he could possibly know that what I said was not exactly the truth.


So I said, "About 80." The guy was mortified. "Only 80?" he said. "Why, I thought someone like you would have ridden hundreds by now."


Sorry, but it wasn't meant to be. In the years I have left, I expect to maybe double my count and little more. Even if it means leaving the country.



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