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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I am so thankful that the Euro is such a strong currency. ($1 is equal to €1.63... almost like the British Pound!) My parents just sent me spending money for the month, and it was almost doubled in value because of the exchange rate! It really is perfect for EU international students studying in the States!

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That poor raft:




Overloaded ride may have caused Riviera Beach water park accident


A father and his three children were injured on the Black Thunder funnel slide at Rapids Water Park because their raft may have been overloaded, a state official said today.


The riders who were hurt Wednesday afternoon weighed a total of 880 pounds, but the maximum load for each raft is less than 700 pounds, said Terry McElroy, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which inspects amusement rides.


Investigators found no evidence of mechanical or structural failure, McElroy said.


NewsChannel 5 identified the family as John D. Lenghan, 41, and his three children. They are from New Hyde Park, N.Y.


Police say John and his son, John, 15, landed in the slide's exit pool unconscious, and Ronald, 14, and Julianna, 11, were conscious.


All four received cuts, bruises, or lacerations in the accident and were taken to local hospitals.


The children were treated and released, but John D. Lenghan was still in the critical care unit of Columbia Hospital this morning, NewsChannel 5 says.


The Black Thunder slide was shut down immediately after the accident but was reopened this morning.


Rapids Water Park released a statement today that said indications are that weight played a significant factor in the accident.


"The Rapids Water Park has been in business for 29 years and has an excellent safety record," the statement said.


"All of the slides are extremely safe when ridden in accordance of the rules and regulations for the ride. The park clearly displays large signs with ride safety regulations for Black Thunder as well as for all of its rides. Each sign posted by the attraction states a maximum weight per person in addition to a maximum weight per tube. "


A father and three children pushing 880 pounds? If you were to average it out, that's 220 pounds per person!

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