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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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40th Birthday Statistics:


Number of times we had to pull back in driveway because we forgot something: 3

Pieces of birthday cake I ate: 2

Number of pictures taken: 5 (all blurry)

Total hours partying: 11

Hours of downtime between parties: 1

Men stolen by me from the girls they were with: 1 (Whoops)

Number of times I got aggressively hit on after I hooked up by trying to bump into me or step in front of me: 3 (You snooze, you lose...tramps)

Number of drug busts witnessed at club: 1

Number of fights witnessed: 1 (the cops decided to beat the guy with the drugs instead of tasering him... he was high on something and they didn't want him to go into cardiac arrest)

Beers consumed after coming home from partying: 5

Total times hit on by trolls and guys with busted shapes: 3

Times told "I hate you" because I don't look 40: 4

Clubs gotten in free because I said it was my birthday: 1

Best letdown I gave: "Your friend--Yes. You--no."

Insult that had people running and laughing: "Watch it, Bubbles." (said to drunk obese girl that kept bumping into me)

Moment when I knew I was tore up: I said "Your Budda looks like he's crying"


Not bad for a 40th birthday blowout.



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