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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Congratulations to Tiger01 with his winning entry AQUA. Please contact me with your information for your prize!


Our new Track of the Week Contest is: RCT II- Arrow Suspended (NOT Vekoma Airplanes, NOT Vekoma Floorless...) You may edit your terrain as you'd like- but no CS, NO CTRs. Just the tracks, Man. The winner of this challenge will get TWO TPR Dvd Downloads! You know you've got a suspended coaster track you've been holding onto- Let's see what you can do!


Next Track of the week: RCT II- Junior Wooden (40 feet)


Congratulations to Tiger01- and who will be our next winner?

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It's a simple question: How many JUNIOR WOODEN coasters have a drop over 40 feet? Or for that matter, a height over 40 feet?


Folks: Please read and THINK before asking a question. It's not that hard. Don't over analyze a design: if it says a JUNIOR WOODIE (40 feet or less) then it should be just that: Nothing MORE than that.




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Okay, I WAS overanalyzing, but it's still a completely logical question because you didn't specify. Besides, would it really not be a junior woodie if the lift hill and/or drop was 45 feet (which is a standard hill size in RCTII)? I'm just saying, not asking you to change the requirement.


I just didn't want to be disqualified on the off-chance that having the ride "above 40 feet" according to the game's heights would not be allowed. Let me give a specific example:


Start of Lift Hill

Track elevation: 5ft

Land elevation: 0ft


Crest of Lift Hill

Track elevation: 50ft

Land Elevation: 10ft


First Drop

Track Elevation: 50ft to 10ft

Land Elevation: 10ft to 5ft


Would this violate the rules of the challenge?

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Okay, so for this one you said no CS, yet we can edit the terrain. That's basically what I'm doing, but with a bit of foliage to make it look a bit less bare. Is that okay? Same with a few water features (waterfalls). Should I not have anything? If so, I think I'll just release this as my own thing as that's a bit ridiculous

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Congratulations to nin with his winning Arrow Suspended coaster!


You can find it HERE in the Exchange


Track of the week for 8/19/11: RCT II JUNIOR WOODEN COASTER

Track of the week for 8/26/11: RCT II B&M Twister (NON-CATAPULT LAUNCH)


For the Junior coaster: You may build it any way you choose- BUT:


1.) Your lift hill may NOT exceed 45 feet- at ALL.

2.) You may NOT go underground or in the ground- flat base for all.

3.) No customs are allowed.


Good luck to all

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Just a friendly reminder to all:


It's called the TRACK of the WEEK contest, not the PARK of the WEEK or SCENERY of the WEEK contest.


And also- the earlier you post, the better chancce of a higher score on your ride: Especially if you encourage people to vote by posting a link to your Facebook page to the ride you've created!

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^ I can't help myself, lol. What I build and put up for download has to meet my own expectations, so putting in scenery is just something I have to do for myself. I don't know, I have more fun making the coaster (and playing the game) when I spend some time on trying to dress it up a little and try to make it realistic. So for this contest, just judge the track!


Anyway, my entry is:


Little Leaper, Download at TPR Game Exchange


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