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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Our fantastic computer has cranked out a winner!


Congratulations bbt-67, with his winningy entry to the Steeplechase (Single Rail) contest!



This week we're doing things a bit differenty!


First, you'll have till next Wednsday Morning to get your track in!




We're going to try a 'Recreate it' Simulation this week: For this weeks' ToTW challenge, a 500 points bonus is on the line for the person who can:


RCT III: Recreation of an Arrow Corkscrew Coaster!


This can be any Arrow Corkscrew- whether it's the old Python at BGT, or the Cedar Point Corkscrew, you get to recreate it the best that you can. The limits are, however, the ride must either be one of Arrow's STOCK CORKSCREWS (The double screw model) OR one that has Corkscrew in it's name. So no, no Vortex, Anaconda, Viper, GASM, ShockWave, Viper, etc. Just Corkscrews- and only the name corkscrew can be used!


Good Luck!

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nice contest. I'm about to rebuild the Canobie Corkscrew from Canobie Lake Park and would be pleased if noone other will choose this one. (=


Anyone got some mor reference material than the wikipedia page and googleimages? D:


Edit: uhoh. this is going to be more difficult than i thought D: damn you RCT3 for this corkscrews...

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here goes a first impression, I'm not that lucky with the layout yet, mostly because the RCT3 corkscrews aren't fitting the real ones. but let's see whats still possible^^




mostly inspired by this picture:


from google

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im not happy with the banking of the turn after the first drop. and the fact that the corkscrews are heading the wrong way...

if anyone knows a mod to stretch the corkscrews like shown in the original picture, I'd be really pleased. (=

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same layout as the canobie corkscrew, ain't it SFMM?

so you had the same problems with the rct corkscrews, ye?^^ the turn between them seems like a practicable solution, otherwise the last turn has to be so fucking large.


And can u please! tell me which mod includes those corkscrew supports? a was looking badly for some like them.


btw, nice work from everybody untill now.

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Heres my atempt at creating the one at Silvewood/Knott's Berry Farm.



Although your corkscrews go the right way, the aesthetic value of it is lost. A recreation is a trial of compromise rather then actual looks at times, because how can you with a game that has limitations?

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My rendition of the Canobie Corkscrew (so far.) I'm trying to find the motivation to finish off the last of the supports.




Alright I'm going to say this right now. Turning it like that was BRILLIANT. I would have never though to do that. At first i though you were using a mod to do that, but good job

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I tried using a mod that would've added the diagonal corkscrews from the extended coaster in, but it looked really bad!! And I can't take all the credit for the idea, Imagineer John did it LONG time ago on his rendition of the Alton Towers corkscrew. That's really where the idea came from. There's still the obvious flaw of the station... But I think the sacrifice is worth it.




Here it is!


Canobie Corkscrew!!!!




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I really like some of the creativity here. Especially yours, grrt. I was waiting for someone to construct the lift and drop on a diagonal.


This week's Track of the Week is now CLOSED. We'll run the results and announce the next contest later today.

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This week's winner is Lt. Noob! Great job guys!



Here is this week's contest:



TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!


Starting Tuesday (July 19th), each track you upload with automatically be entered into our track of the week contest. The track that has been submitted in that week with the highest rating will be featured the following week on the front page of TPR, on TPR's Facebook, and on TPR's Twitter. The winner will also receive a 250 points added to their account. We will change up the type of track/file/game each week, to be uploaded to make it fair and keep it fun!


The earlier you get your entries in, the more each ranking is weighed per our new ranking scale.


This week's "Track of the Week" Contest is:


Game - No Limits

Type - Spinning Mouse - to celebrate the release of NL Version 1.8!


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Hey guys!


Since we haven't had a lot of submissions in this week's Track of the Week contest (we haven't had any, actually), and I'm assuming it's due to the 1.8 release of No Limits being very new, we have decided to make EVERYONE A WINNER!


That's right! All you need to do is submit a track, and you will automatically get 250 points... WAIT.... let's make it 500 POINTS added to your Game Exchange account!


That means - submit a track, and you automatically get a coupon to download one of TPR's DVDs!


Here are the contest details: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1063297#p1063297


Have fun!

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