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  1. world´s greatest mineride - Colorado Adventure - at Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany
  2. ^the hotel looks awesome! and the woodie intense d= but what made me curious is your paths, a part of it seems to be "offsetted", or hightened a bit, although peeps are wandering on both and seem able to switch between 'em. how did you do this?
  3. I guess I have to apologize for being unpatient. I thought the /push is an usual way to kindly remind the mods to not forget about the topic, didn't wanted to annoy anyone, and on the other hand my thoguths were unsubstantiated because you got the best maintained and managed board I've seen so far! *hands down* So sorry again, random bumping how SoCal called it won't happen again.
  5. Sooooo..... I decided to upload the track unfinished, maybe it has some chances to get some votes though. My entry is an Arrow- tracked Coaster, the first in the contest if i didn't miss an entry. I thought an usual Western- Mining theme would be boring, so I swapped to an semi- modern Coal Mine in the desert. For lack of creativity I just called the coaster Coal Mine <---- Game Exchange Link It's an really hugecoaster, the ride takes 4:44 minutes over nearly 10.000 feet of tracks. The highest drop is 52 ft, the max. speed 40 and the average 17 mph. The construction and theming took about 10 in-game years, 13540 peoples visited the ride in this time with a capacity of ~1000/per hour. The stats are: Excitement: 8,63 Intensity: 7,11 Nausea: 5,49 Prepare for a Wall of screenshots - I experienced that not many people actually download the Tracks, so you can get an overview about the track if you're to lazy to download a few megabites... First goes an overall view, because you won't get the layout from the detailed screens. As the description says, this screenshot shows the rides entrance with the attached food area. After leaving the station, the train does a few turns, goes downhill and arrives in the actual coal mine with the coal load area. Right after "The Pit", the train is pulled on the first lift hill, which is about 75 feet - the following drop isn't that high as you can see. The train travels above the mine - Caution, Landslides! After passing the scrapyard and doing some twisty things, the train arrives at another loading area and is pulled up on the second lifthill. The second and steepest drop. Here is some twisty stuff above the planted area, waterpipes and mining village. Already done! The train arrives at the third lifthill, does an deep 180° turn inside the factory, and passes the visitable "gallery" with two zero-g-hills. The last turns above the water reservoir - I think the last turns of every mine train should be above water. D; I really liked to finish my work, but i was busy the last week an didn't get a chance to finish/upload it. Hope you like it anyways and use the last day of the contest to rate it up.
  6. Mine won't be finished til tomorrow It's just too huge.... maybe i'll uplaod it later "out of contest"
  7. Congrats CoasterRollin. Here goes my entry for the B&M Twister contest Venoxis, a tight-packed, 10-times inverting thriller. Riders experience extreme G-Forces while traveling through the never seen inversions. Here are the screenshots: SCR10.BMP Entrance SCR9.BMP Twisty Stuff I SCR8.BMP Twisty Stuff II SCR7.BMP Overview in Rain This time i added just the track file, so you'll need to Place Venoxis in one of your parks, but i think thats what it's made for, the small layout determines it for the usage in Parks which are looking for a top thriller on small space. Enjoy!
  8. R.D. said once you can upload as many rides as you want - but this will maybe lower the chance for one of your particular rides to get on top, cause people spend their votes on others of your rides. I guess thats what R.D. said - in this way or another D;
  9. My entry for the Junior Woodie contest: Hangtime SCR5.BMP SCR4.BMP Layout and Datasheet SCR6.BMP Train departing Station
  10. I read through the thread a while and got a nice insight of american amusement park history - thank you for that. But while reading I remebered my very first rollercoaster ride in the age of 7 years in the most fantastic park in germany - the Phantasialand, Bruehl, opened 1967. In May 2001, a fire destroyed the "Gebirgsbahn" and the "Grand Canyon Bahn", at this time aprox. 50% of the parks rollercoasters d= So while I was thinking about that I became a little bit nostalgic and looked around in the internet a little bit and found those videos I definitly wanted to share. The first is an - I guess rare - front seat onride of the "Gebirgsbahn", a Schwarzkopf ride operating from 1975 - 2001 and how I mentioned my first rollercoaster ever What memories D: While watching this video you might figure out how a fire could brake out - just take a closer look at the theming. In the middle of the "Gebirgsbahn", on ground level operated the "Grand Canyon Bahn", a Schwarzkopf powered coaster from 1978 which actually just drove an figure-eight shaped track without any tall drops in about 25 seconds and relating to the amount of people waiting a few rounds. Here goes the onride: "Grand Canyon Bahn" was an realy painful experience but somehow it was worth it. You left it pleasured without figuring out how this ride did this. I thought those videos would fit the mood of the thread and let my drwon in memories a little D: Enjoy watching!
  11. same layout as the canobie corkscrew, ain't it SFMM? so you had the same problems with the rct corkscrews, ye?^^ the turn between them seems like a practicable solution, otherwise the last turn has to be so fucking large. And can u please! tell me which mod includes those corkscrew supports? a was looking badly for some like them. btw, nice work from everybody untill now.
  12. im not happy with the banking of the turn after the first drop. and the fact that the corkscrews are heading the wrong way... if anyone knows a mod to stretch the corkscrews like shown in the original picture, I'd be really pleased. (=
  13. here goes a first impression, I'm not that lucky with the layout yet, mostly because the RCT3 corkscrews aren't fitting the real ones. but let's see whats still possible^^ layout mostly inspired by this picture: from google
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