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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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Sooooo..... I decided to upload the track unfinished, maybe it has some chances to get some votes though.


My entry is an Arrow- tracked Coaster, the first in the contest if i didn't miss an entry.

I thought an usual Western- Mining theme would be boring, so I swapped to an semi- modern Coal Mine in the desert.


For lack of creativity I just called the coaster Coal Mine <---- Game Exchange Link


It's an really hugecoaster, the ride takes 4:44 minutes over nearly 10.000 feet of tracks.

The highest drop is 52 ft, the max. speed 40 and the average 17 mph. The construction and theming took about 10 in-game years, 13540 peoples visited the ride in this time with a capacity of ~1000/per hour.

The stats are:

Excitement: 8,63

Intensity: 7,11

Nausea: 5,49


Prepare for a Wall of screenshots - I experienced that not many people actually download the Tracks, so you can get an overview about the track if you're to lazy to download a few megabites...



First goes an overall view, because you won't get the layout from the detailed screens.


As the description says, this screenshot shows the rides entrance with the attached food area.


After leaving the station, the train does a few turns, goes downhill and arrives in the actual coal mine with the coal load area.


Right after "The Pit", the train is pulled on the first lift hill, which is about 75 feet - the following drop isn't that high as you can see.


The train travels above the mine - Caution, Landslides!


After passing the scrapyard and doing some twisty things, the train arrives at another loading area and is pulled up on the second lifthill.


The second and steepest drop.


Here is some twisty stuff above the planted area, waterpipes and mining village.


Already done! The train arrives at the third lifthill, does an deep 180° turn inside the factory, and passes the visitable "gallery" with two zero-g-hills.


The last turns above the water reservoir - I think the last turns of every mine train should be above water. D;


I really liked to finish my work, but i was busy the last week an didn't get a chance to finish/upload it. Hope you like it anyways and use the last day of the contest to rate it up.

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I guess I have to apologize for being unpatient.

I thought the /push is an usual way to kindly remind the mods to not forget about the topic, didn't wanted to annoy anyone,

and on the other hand my thoguths were unsubstantiated because you got the best maintained and managed board I've seen so far! *hands down*

So sorry again, random bumping how SoCal called it won't happen again.

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