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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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The points are given to you as part of the Game Exchange Rewards System.


Basically, every time you upload a track/park/file to the exchange, you get 20 points. Download somebody's track/park/ride, get 1 point. Rate that ride? Another point..


But here's where it gets good: After you accumulate 500 points, you get... A FREE TPR DVD DOWNLOAD!


So turn your treasures into another great thing: TPR DOWNLOADED DVDS!



Games Forum Moderating Team

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^ Racers (I like!).


With the whole front page spotlight thing. If we have a really good park on the boards, could that be consideredm as being on the front page?


Anything, and everything is/will be considered for Front Page updates!

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^ We'll be highlighting more and more stuff on the Front Page as time goes on. The Weekly Track Contest winner will be highlighted, as will other contests, OR even projects that the Mod Team feels needs more exposure.


So expose yourself!

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^ I would have to say no. The goal of the track of the week contest is to help promote people to upload NEW tracks, not just re-hash tracks that are already in the Exchange.


There may be other contests where you'd be able to enter an older track though, so don't give up hope!



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And on to Week 2!


TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!


Starting today each track you upload this week (until April 12th) will automatically be entered into our track of the week contest. The track that has been submitted in that week with the highest rating will be featured the following week on the front page of TPR, on TPR's Facebook, and on TPR's Twitter. The winner will also receive a 250 points added to their account. We will change up the type of track/file/game each week, to be uploaded to make it fair, and keep it fun!


The sooner you upload your file, the better chance you have of getting more rankings!


This week's "Track of the Week" Contest is:


Game - RCT2

Type - Woodie


Start uploading!

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