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  1. I think it's to make the dueling work. Second half bigger and slower, so it would take more time to complete.
  2. Maybe it can accelerate for the whole duration of the 5 flips, with the motor hopefully making some really cool noise, and the outside seats could have weird laterals too.
  3. ^It can be soul-crushingly forceful and a bit dizzying. Didn't the layout look like it's racing, like single track but synchronizing the blocks?
  4. On the topic of custom flat rides: It's not much of a leap from custom buildings, where everything is stretchable. Some tubes, bars, plates and a few basic seat types. Set the movement points. Again tweakable physics for these movement points, when freely moving and not motorized, for when the physics don't go how you'd like.
  5. Flat ride designer is a core feature though. The time spent making several flats could be better spent in making a tool for users to design them. That way all the rides in the world would be available, if the tool's good.
  6. Divide pre-made coaster elements into categories, so that everything is available for every coaster type, but newbies could tell which would go where on real coasters, and it's easier to find what you're looking for. Maybe even tags, instead of strict categories? Invisible trigger objects and trigger areas for scripting.
  7. Displaying g-forces and speed while building and ability to test unfinished coasters, without the car flying off the track and exploding, which is of course integral to have as an option too.
  8. - In the video there seems to be little banking. I hope we can twist the track any way we want? - As little arbitrary restrictions as possible please. Someone will want to make a launched single car wooden SkyLoop. - Tweakable car physics on custom cars, would help a lot when the physics engine doesn't agree with you. You could just make a copy of an existing car and change the physics a bit, or set them from scratch on new car types. - I'd like to be able to put all sorts of crazy nerdy programmable moving track pieces and block brakes and custom station solutions and the sort please. - Visiting other people's parks online sounds like it would be really great.
  9. There's room in NCS park 3. I think someone other than me would be better for the entrance area but after that's done I can dip in anytime. Or if by some chance no one wants to make an entrance area I could make something modest, both are fine.
  10. Apocalypse in Game Exchange http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/images/thumb/2407_apocalypse.bmp
  11. I'm not skilled with parks but I guess I could make a small bit well enough. NCS please
  12. Treetop Flyer II in Game Exchange It's built in the Gravity Gardens scenario and named after the pre-built woodie there.
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