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TPR's Game Exchange "Track of the Week" Contest!

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With one entry this week, Accelerate is our Default winner. I will be contacting you shortly about your prize!


Track of the week 9/9/11, RCT II: B&M Inverted coaster


And, to try something different: Track of the Week for 9/16/11 is going to be a bit different. Since you have two weeks in advance to prepare, you are being given a theme challenge: RCT II- Schwarzkopf JumboJet/Speedracer... But with a ROMAN theme.


So that will make it:

Track of the week 9/9/11: B&M Inverted (any theme)

Track of the week 9/16/11: Schwarzkopf Speedracer/JumboJet (ROMAN theme)


As always: Remember this is TRACK of the WEEK, not SCENERY AND PRETTY STRUCTURES OF THE WEEK. It's about the tracks- but you're now able to dress it up a bit.


The winner will get a TPR BAG OF CRAP!!!




Good luck to all.

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This week's winner is Ilari with his not-so-horrible Inverted coaster called "Horrible Presentation"! It's a great-looking inverted coaster that's built into a landmass, and could fit in any theme. It wasn't rated the highest of the pack, but it got the most ratings and was uploaded the earliest! QueerRudie will be in contact with Ilari soon, as he's out on some sort of "business" that I really couldn't care less about.


The track of the week for the week starting September 16 is -


RCT2: Schwarzkopf Speedracer/Jumbo Jet with a ROMAN theme


Once again, you are given two weeks to prepare your tracks for the contest. You had all of last week to make your Jumbo Jet and now you have this week to put the finishing touches on it and post it to the exchange.


THIS WEEK'S Track of the week - RCT2 Schwarzkopf Speedracer/JumboJet (ROMAN theme)

NEXT WEEK'S Track of the week - RCT2 Wild Mouse (Steel only, no inverted)


Remember that the main focus should be the track, not the landscaping or architecture. The theme compliments the track.


The winner will get a whimsical magical Theme Park Review Bag of Crap, with many things that will mystify and amaze you (or disgust you, depending on the packager's mood).


Also remember that there is no custom content (custom scenery, rides, etc) or hacking allowed.


Good luck everyone!

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Track of the week for 9/16/11 is closed- A winner will be announced shortly.


Track of the week 9/23/11: RCT II Wild Mouse (Steel, not wooden, not spinning)- Theme: A rodent's world. Add some toys, hay, etc. It makes your mouse happy.


Track of the week 9/30/11: RCT II Arrow Mine Train- I'm opening this one up a bit: You MAY use Arrow Hypercoaster track AS WELL as Mine-train track, so long as you stick by these guidelines: No lift may be higher than 75 feet, and YOU MUST THEME THE COASTER LIKE A MINE TRAIN! For theming, you may use either Mine or Western theme packages.


The Prize? This week: Your rodent will gain you 1,000 Games Forum Points- enough for TWO downloadable DVDs from the TPR store.


As always, no hacks, no cheats, no trainers and no customs at all.


Good luck!

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Not to be causing a flame war, but whatever happened to the RCT3 contests?


In a nutshell, the last two RCT III contests we had a total of -three- entries- one for one contest, and two for another. That was a pretty good clue that there was no interest in them.


If we could see a show of support for RCT III contests, I think we'd consider running them more often. There is a lot of talent playing RCT III- but nobody entering the contests for it.




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Track of the week: THE END?


Greetings to our loyal players,


After 25 weeks of play, Track of the Week is going to be taking a break for a while. So, for our last challenge, we're going to do one last big blast of fun: In honor of Ron Toomer's passing, the final Track of the Week will be:


RCT II: Arrow Mine Train OR Arrow Hypercoaster DRESSED as a Mine train.


You have until Friday October 14th to get your track in- that's almost TWO WEEKS, and anything goes here: Do your best track to honor how Ron Toomer would have built a Mine Train (He did, after all, create the very first one!)



1.) No Custom Scenery


3.) SCENERY IS REQUIRED! (Yes, you read that right, I'd like to see how well people use Mine and Western themes for this ride.)

4.) Your Mine train must BE a MINE TRAIN: If you use the Hypercoaster track for this, it cannot have 150 foot drops, etc. It must retain the feel of a Mine Train Coaster!


SUBMIT YOUR TRACKS TO THE EXCHANGE! Anybody who gets their tracks in THIS WEEK will get the full points bonus for judging!




AND.... as if this going away party weren't enough...


There will be TWO winners: The first winner will get a TPR Bag of CRAP, the second will get a 1,000 point bonus in their account- enough for TWO TPR DVD Downloads!


So let's send off the Track of the Week with a bang- let's see your Mine Trains!

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The track of the week for the week starting September 16 is -


RCT2: Schwarzkopf Speedracer/Jumbo Jet with a ROMAN theme


That was for the 16th. I was the one who initiated it, so that explains why you wouldn't have found it looking at QueerRudie's posts only.

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