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The "Rant" Thread


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^ Did your r key stick? I think you made your point---and a half!


This is worth a re-peeve...


People who let their kids run all over restaurants and wreak havoc. The other day, I was at a Jack in the Box (sort of a restaurant ) and this kid kept getting up on the seat and staring at me. I heard him tell his mom, while looking at me, "Yeah, he's still there." WTF did that mean?!?! I wanted to go over and tell her, "Y'know, I like kids...just not yours!"



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Telemarketers. They freakin' call constantly, and a lot of times at dinner. NOBODY IS GONNA BUY YOUR PRODUCT. STOP CALLING!!!


Messing with them on the other hand is one of the best guilty pleasures ever.


Me: Hello?

TM: Is Mr. Goshimaken... flobbengobber there?

Me: What? I didn't catch that?

TM: Mr. Gobennsrockage

Me: I still can't understand you.


Me: Oh... him. I'll go get him.


... (5 minutes go by) ...


Me: Hold on, I'm still looking for him.


They'll get the idea that your not going to take thier, "survey".

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The guy alot of peeps (incl.us) wanted to win for Mayor... didn't win.


The real piss off is that some other 'person' put his name forward to run for mayor, and he just 'happens' to have the exact same name as our main guy running? So, said other person changes his name from 'Jim' to 'James' so the voters can "tell the difference?" But then, that put this dork ahead of the real 'Jim" we wanted to win, alphabetically.


So, our 'Jim' loses to the other main opponent by so many thousand votes? And just GUESS who got a few thousand votes, but didn't win naturally?


It totally smelled - and my downhearted David quoted a Nixon aide, of all people, saying:


"They stole the election, fair and square."

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I am so angry with insurance companies right now. Gyendolynne was in an accident and their insurance company said they would handle all the repairs, but now there is a $200 part that they want BENT back into position! :shock: I don't know if it is a good idea to be bending metal on a car part when it isn't that expensive to replace it. They authorize a certain amount of time to bend it, but it is taking longer. I say replace the F&%#ing thing!

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