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  1. To my fellow workers of Magic Mountain I say we start telling our fellow employees not to be on there cell phones or any electronics. I've already started to do this. we really need to clean our act up and not be the laughing stock of the six flags theme parks. Who else is with me?
  2. scream at sfmm has idiot ride ops.... everyone i work with would rather text message then send the train.
  3. unfortunatly im working on saturday at SFMM could everyone visit me though at either scrambler or sandblasters!
  4. my gamertag is n3rd killer i play mostly halo 2
  5. today i start my first real work. I'll be working on tidal wave from 3 to 10 at least im not working in bugs bunny world where a majority of my group went.
  6. exactly a week ago at magic mountain me and 2 of my friends were in line for the bumper cars just for the hell of it when some ghetto ass black girls are next to us and just talking loud as hell. Then one of the ghetto girls says to my friend hey you like her? pointing to another ghetto girl in the group and my friend says "i dont even know her" and then after that they start spontaneously dancing then thats when i said "hey can you do the lindey hop?" and all of them turned to me and said "shutup whiteboy" i just started laughing. Then it was time for the bumper cars. Me and my friends were gonna team up against the leader of the group. So the bumper cars start and the leaders bumper car isnt working! so me and my friend all go at once and ram right into her the fastest we can and everytime we hit her she just starts cussing at me and my friends. and after everytime we'd all high five each other. it was great.
  7. I Just got hired as a ride op yesterday and tommorow is my processing. I just wanted to know what it'll be like to work there and how the guests are.
  8. the funniest moment for me had to be when me and my friend were about to go on X and these 2 valley girls maybe 13 years old were saying that the ride looks stupid and that its nothing compared to viper! I just laughed and thought to myself are you serious! well anyway after we get off the ride the valley girls were crying and didnt want to get out of the seats for a long time so some employee was trying to comfort them haha.
  9. Last saturday when i went on viper at magic mountain going down the first drop both my contacts immediatley just fluttered out of my eyes. Does this happen to anyone? P.S. i was wearing focus dailys.
  10. hey do you still happen to have that POV because if you do can u plz pm me and tell.
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Ipod breaks the day after i get 100$ headphones! damn you apple
  12. I hate it when people put like a thousand pictures all of themeselves on there myspace
  13. has anyone ridden this coaster? have more info of it? Because this coaster looks rather interesting. http://www.rcdb.com/ig1357.htm?picture=4
  14. actually my mom and dad both love roller coasters.most of my friends like roller coasters but dont LOVE them.
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