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Photo TR: Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness


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Hey everyone!


Although we are in Orlando for IAAPA we are also here on a "family Walt Disney World vacation." We will probably have a series of mini-trip reports like this one over the next few days.


This report is about the Campfire Sing-A-Long at Fort Wilderness Resort. This event is open to everyone and it's basically completely free! (If you want to buy some marshmallows to roast, you can, or you can even bring your own stash!)


It's one of those "hidden gems" at the Walt Disney World resort that we encourage everyone to check out...


First we checked into our hotel - Port Orleans French Quarter. KidTums seems to like it already!


Can anyone guess where we are at?


It's Chip N Dale's Sing-A-Long campfire at Fort Wilderness!


Of course it's the star of the show! And Chip N Dale are here too!


This is one of those little WDW "hidden gems." They've been doing this for decades. You can roast marshmallows, hot dogs, etc...


Mmmm....wieners and marshmallows.


Chip n Dale come out an the sing-a-long begins!


Kevin Yee loves him some wiener!


"This is how you roast a marshmallow without burning your hands off!"


"I just hope I don't burn my hands off!"


"Ok, no really daddy, what exactly is this thing I'm eating???"


After the camp fire, after the Disney trivia, after the sing-a-long it's campfire movie time!!!


Tonight's movie is Monsters Inc. Did we mention all of this is put on for FREE??? (you can either bring your own food to roast or they sell it!) This event is open to anyone, you don't even need to be staying at a resort to attend! Seriously awesome WDW "hidden gem." We highly recommend this!




More to come soon! If you liked this mini-trip report and want us to do more, comment and let us know!




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^ That is EXACTLY what it was for us. After the red-eye flight into Orlando, we just kind of hung out in our room for a bit, took a stroll around the resort area, and then headed to Fort Wilderness. It was the PERFECT "relaxing" activity for having just flown in and needing something fun, but different, to do.

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^ You beat me to it!


Anyway, these mini-reports I look forward to as I often visit the Orlando area in the off season (jan-early march). Being as many of the parks close at 6 or 7 during this time, I'm always looking for something to fill in the time with and this appears to fit that bill (of course, only if I had kids or a group of females with me, going alone would look, well, like I was a creeper)

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I think I need to check out this campfire too. Hmmm...can a TPR invasion of the Ft. Wilderness campfire be in our future?


It's odd, but Orlando strangely looks like Wisconsin for some reason. I think it's just me...

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I'm so happy you guys found this! My family has gone to Disney way too many times in my short life and I remember doing this every time we went for about 8 years. We would always stay at the Wilderness Lodge and this was such an awesome thing for Disney to have. I'm just glad they haven't over-commercialized it since I've been there last.

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My partner took his kids to this back in the 80's and just raved about it. He will be thrilled to hear that they are still doing this!


I wished we would have taken his grand-kids over there when we were there in January of last year...but then again, it was sooooo cold when we were there they might not have even had it. Our weiners would have been freezing!

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Wow, I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about the domestic Disney parks, but this is new to me! I wish I had known about it when we went last January; it would have been a perfect way to spend the evening after our Animal Kingdom day.


Cool unexpected shout-out to Kevin Yee, as well. I really enjoy his books!

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