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Muscle Park in Tokyo Closing

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Terrible news everybody!



I have just received word that one of TPR's favorite "quirky attractions" in Tokyo is closing on October 31st, 2010. There is still another location open in Hokkaido - http://www.musclepark.jp/chitose/index.html but the Tokyo park's final day of operation is 31 October.


This is very, very sad!


Muscle Park is quite a bizarre, unique attraction, and probably the "Crystal Maze" of Japan in the sense that it was a stand-alone attraction based on a TV show (Sasuke) and was totally strange, but a LOT of fun!


To give you an idea of what Muscle Park was like, and to let TPR say our farewell to such a cool little park, here is the video we shot in 2008 from Coaster Expedition Volume 12:



Goodbye Muscle Park!



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It actually makes me wonder -


Would an indoor park of a similar concept (physical games and obstacle courses) be successful in the United States?


The concept, not exactly the execution.

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Forget the Big Dipper, Screw the Blue Streak, this is a place actually worthy of saving!!! AHHHH!!!!


Time to start researching the other location I suppose!!!!



The kid's party place in Williamsburg went out of business--you can probably rent that space cheap!

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So the other location actually looks pretty damn awesome. Plus it's super easy to do on our Northern Japan trip! May have to move that trip up a year or two. Plus it's only about 30 minutes away from the best Japanese restaurant we ever ate in!!!!!


I would assume that the other attractions in that area aren't in similar danger, and they're probably closing that location due to high costs and a less popular concept.

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^Great! All we need now is a boat, some gloves, hammers, and if someone can bring some egg salad sandwiches and kool-aid, we're all set to go!


Egg Salad Sanwiches ... you have got to be f'n kidding me. Are you trying to scare away any potential customers before the place is even built? This is TPR ... just imagine the all the gas that would create - let alone the bad sulfer breathe - EW!

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