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Last concert you attended?


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saw the Cure last night in Austin, 3rd stop on the new tour.


BRILLIANT. . .nearly 3 hour set, with FOUR Encores (two of those approaching 30 minutes each).


here's the set list:


Out of This World

(First performance since 2008)

Pictures of You


A Night Like This

All I Want


Last Dance


Just Like Heaven

This Twilight Garden


Fascination Street


The End of the World


Us or Them

The Hungry Ghost

Prayers for Rain


(first performance since 2008)



Step Into the Light

Shake Dog Shake

Never Enough

Wrong Number


Encore 2:

Hot Hot Hot!!!

Close to Me

The Exploding Boy

(first performance since 1985)

In Between Days

Doing the Unstuck

Friday I'm in Love


Encore 3:


It Can Never Be the Same


Encore 4:

A Forest

Boys Don't Cry


and some pics:


my friend John, who saw them on the 1st 2 night in New Orleans, and is seeing them tonight in Houston & tomorrow night in Dallas. . and who "gifted" me the ticket to the sold out show, to go with him to the Austin show.


Set closer "Bloodflowers"


End of Encore II ("Friday I'm in Love")


the place lit up after the 3rd Encore to get them to come back out!

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Ben Folds and y Music at the beautiful Gillioz Theatre in Springfield last Saturday. One of the best concerts I've ever seen. Eight absolutely brilliant musicians playing rock, jazz, and some experimental music as well. My parents watched the kids for us, so it was a wonderful way to spend our 9th anniversary.


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Chicago's music scene is outstanding. There's at least 5 artists I know coming through each week. The best of 2016 so far I've seen:

-RJD2 with live instrumentals + Philly rapper STS + Philly singer Jordan Brown


-Everything Everything

-Purity Ring



Tix for June...Spring Awakening (EDM fest) Sturgill Simpson, Portugal.The Man + Cage the Elephant, and We Were Promised Jetpacks!

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Um, that would be this. Because. Reasons.



I mean look at the guy.

What better way to celebrate my birthday, right? I figure glam metal fans are no longer prevalent in today's society, and most have probably been there, done that (during better days which I may or may not envy), so I'll just give a quick rundown. I am not adjusting too much for personal bias, of which there is plenty.


Enchanted Rock Fest: The Rankings

1. Warrant: Because I wasn't all that impressed with the band before I first saw them live and sometime during that set, that all changed, profoundly and permanently. (I was just as confused as you may be.) Somehow, this time lived up to that high bar. I will never understand how a garden-variety, easily mocked (but good!) hair band with a (sexy) replacement singer can send chills down my spine like that.

2. RATT: It's not really Ratt, but you can't resist singing along to all those hits. I got the setlist!

3. JRGW: Strictly a greatest hits type set, so nothing new for me, but you go for the vocals above all else and that, as expected, was not lacking.

4. Bret Michaels: I'm not a huge fan of Poison because their songs are silly and make me dumber. I was kind of a Bret Michaels fan before I knew too much about him. Also a fun singalong set with covers and Poison hits. Bret has a lot of energy! One of my favorite bassists (Eric from Cinderella) showed up for the encore.

5. Firehouse: I'm not really a Firehouse fan. Too ballad-heavy, for one, so the fun for me here was in a couple of the rockers. I DID enjoy meeting them, though.

6. Steelheart: I wasn't familiar enough with them initially to be that interested, but I liked what I heard. He still has some pipes on him, for sure. There were definitely some superfans in the crowd so don't feel too bad.



Firehouse: a band I have met.


I had one of the best views, both in general and while this shot was taken. ;) (Robert Mason from Warrant)

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^ that is literally less than a mile from my house.


you should have posted you were coming to Texas for this!


I would have met up w/ you for some awesome Austin food!

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^I've got a favorite band based in Austin; they haven't played much in a long time, but hopefully that'll change with their upcoming projects.


who's that?


my friends are huge "ShinyRibs" fans and follow them all over Texas.


but seriously, lemme know when next in town, and we can do a lunch or something. . always wanting to meet TPR folks

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I hate Long Island more than anything in the world (simply for the traffic) but it's a great venue when you finally make it out there. It takes a lot to get me out there though because the Cross Island Expressway is the 7th layer of hell and I'm pretty sure the L.I.E. is the 8th layer. We bit the bullet though because I felt like it would be ridiculous to see a Jimmy Buffet concert anywhere other than the beach.

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Culture Club last night at our fair, The PNE.


It was great, nearly 1-1/2 hours of a show. And Boy George was as 'chatty' as ever.

All the faves were performed, with "Karma Chameleon" as the final encore. I had a great

seat, although most of the time we were all standing up. Sound was perfect, and it wasn't

just George and two of his old band mates. Full horn section and back up singers, too.


Glad I went. (Wish I'd seen them a couple of decades earlier, though.)


From my seat, using the camera's zoom.


George on the big screen.

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Riot Fest Chicago - Nas, The Hives, Smoking Popes, People under the Stairs, Descendants, Social Distortion

Lower Dens (Aragon Ballroom)

Explosions in The Sky (Aragon Ballroom)

Young the Giant (Newport in Cincinnati)

Local Natives (Riviera Theater)

DJ Hyperactive

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