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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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I don't know how I can possibly top those awesome Toga pics, so I'm not even gonna try. I can say proudly that for the 4 years I was in a sorority, i was not photographed wearing a toga a single time!


I call today's series "i'm so MYSPACE!"


Uhhhhh profiley myspace shot... I should have taken the "i'm not looking at the camera" shot!


Uhhh obligatory myspace mirror shot!

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^3^ Awful color-combo, too, tsk tsk.



Makes me think of Disneyland 50th Anny Souvenir Clothing, lol. All that's missing is the 'ears' somewhere there. Wait, what's there, over by.....





(EDIT: Yankee Face here beat me to the ^'s...)

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Can't argue with the shirt


It's funny, I have a shirt that says "Welcom to America, NOW SPEAK ENGLISH!". I got it as a B-Day present from my cousin in Key West, but hey its a joke shirt, Im not racists at all!


Colin"Although most peole might think I am from my last name"C

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At a rest stop along the Susquehanna River on my way to Knoebel's last summer.






Um - then again...... yoooo hooo!



(EDIT: And ^ yes you did woah - I remember somebody here asking about you and your sis being twins, and you said yes...?)

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