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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Here you are: first an old photo, then a brand spanking new photo of me, taken just a few minutes ago.


Me (boring) photo.


An older 'funnier' photo from 2004, of me, incl. 2 bottles of Belgian Fanta and ice-cream, it was good (and cheap)!

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Talk about RETRO... at a grrreat price still, too!


Found this little Photo Booth at the entrance to a Sears in one of our mega malls, called Metrotown.


Couldn't resist - and altho black & white pix ... 4 for $3 CDN $ !



And this 'strip' was taken, before seeing V For Vendetta....


Wow - they still do this! I haven't done a set of these for several years - woot!

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While at DAK, it was time for silly photos, and this was my favorite! Gotta love the Mickey Gloves.


And, the typical "Jeremy looks sexy at his 'job'" photo.


Dang, I'm "foxy." Ha, pun INTENDED.


The Yeti has engulfed my head!

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I took a trip to Chicago last week for my birthday. Here are a few pics.




My friend Sean and I on the Navy Pier in front of the skyline.


AHHH! The Rainforest Cafe Gorilla!


I had to stop at SFGAm and say hello!


Here is me in front of the Millennium Park sign - this is becoming tradition for me.

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My protesting against the cold weather finally worked... it was gorgeous today!


Hi, my name is Nicole and I desperately need a haircut


Awww... geriatric cat


My cat Princess, who is like living dead kitty. She's 15 years old. Oh yeah, and my left hand.


This is the closest you will ever get to seeing me in the shower

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