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NEWS: Wet/Dry slide forPlopsa Coo (Belgium)

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According to RCDB, De Standaard (Belgian newspaper) and the Plopsa fansite, Plopsa Coo will build a new coaster for 2011. CEO Steve van den Kerkhof confirmed the news.


Here's a short extract from the article, translated via a website so I hope it's OK:


With the arrival of the new attraction an investment of such a € 3.5 million would be paired. Which constructeur the new roller coaster can supply, is still unknown. The most attentive spinning coasters are built Maurer Söhne and Gerstlauer. Taking into account the planned budget it is very probable that the future innovation of Plopsa Coo by is built one of these two constructeurs.


I hope they choose Maurer Söhne and they build something like Winja's! But then again, Anubis (the newest ride at Plopsaland De Panne) is a Gerstlauer and the company seems pretty satisfied with this baby. Then we get something like Tony Hawk's Big Spin! Fine!

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Hey guys!


I'm surprised to see that no more information has been given about this ride, so i searched around and found this!


Height: 17 m (Pretty high for a Gerstlauer spinner!)

Length: 400 m

Top Speed: 55 km/h


All info taken from Gerstlauer's homepage.


And heres a layout:


This layout has potential! I think this is gonna be a great spinner!


The trains looks awesome!! :D

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^I know what you mean. At first I thought it was because Americans didn't like the risk of getting soaked with all their clothes on, but that doesn't explain the popularity of rapids rides lined with water cannons.

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It's weird how wet/dry slides seem to have been removed from many parks in the US over the last ten years, but still live on in Europe...


To be honest, I never really got why there was suddenly a craze or if there even was a "demand" for wet-dry slides in the early 1990's other than the fact that some parks didn't want to spend too much money on a whole water park. And then there's the fact some parks even added the slide complexes right before or just after they gained a water park (Astroworld's Adventure Rivers, Worlds of Fun's Python Plunge, Kentucky Kingdom's The Squid, etc.) Only notable case I can think of where they were decently popular was SFGAdv's Adventure Rivers section with the three complexes... and those only lasted 8 years at the park before being removed for Looney Tunes Seaport.


I will say, however, that this one certainly looks more exciting than any other thus far with that half-pipe section. Never seen one themed before either, so it looks pretty awesome!

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It's weird how wet/dry slides seem to have been removed from many parks in the US over the last ten years, but still live on in Europe...


I think it really comes down to a cost vs. benefit. For the costs of having operators at the top and bottom, parks can get more staffing bang for their buck elsewhere.


I think they fit in perfectly at small to mid size parks, but don't offer much benefit to larger parks.

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