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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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Thanks for the TR! I really have a difficult time "getting" howl-o-scream. When USF down the road has completely new houses each year, using the same houses over and over again does not make me want to go back to your event. Once every 5 or 6 years makes it feel like a new event for me!

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Has anyone out there done 'Alone'? I would love to hear about it and how it's different from other mazes. Also,l I think you have the option of going in with 3 friends. But, wow, $35 is STEEP!!!!


I copied and pasted my post directly from the BGT thread, in regards to my thoughts of this years 2010 Howl-O-Scream event.. It includes my thoughts on "Alone", which are VERY positive... as well as all the houses and overall thoughts/reviews of the other houses... And as for alone... yes, you get a very cool T-Shirt for braving it ALONE... its $24.99 if you pre-purchase your ticket online... and I feel the EXCLUSIVE shirt is worth $19.99 by itself... so all in all, you'd be paying $5.00 to go through with that logic... you can also opt to go with 3 friends (4 people total) for the same price, but no t-shirt then... Overall I loved Howl-O-Scream 2010, repeat houses and all...


**Just got back from Freaky Preview and braved ALONE... Gotta say that it was pretty damn cool... I'm not going to spoil anything, but it truly isn't difficult to make it through... I was very worried I was going to get "lost" or too scared to finish on my own, but neither happened... at the same time, if you are VERY timid, I can see it being more "challenging" to make it through... in the house there were LOTS of cool effects, some of which confused the hell out of me... the house made me laugh, confused me and scared me all at the same time... worth the $25 pre-purchase price if you ask me, if to only get the T-Shirt... and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! Both nights of Freaky Preview sold out of ALONE reservations before the event even opened!!! DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET INTO THE PARK!!! Many MANY people were asking about buying tickets in the 20 minutes I was waiting my turn, only to be turned away...


(these are not listed in the order I went through them... I'm listing them as I think of them...)

The remainder of the night was a blast... many recycled houses, which I honestly don't mind, since many of them are very VERY enjoyable and worth revisiting.

**My favorite is still the Nightshade Toy factory(went through twice), now in its new location, was even better than last year if you ask me...

**My X Revenge Rocks (went through twice) house was very cute... not very scary, but well done. It was a nice replacement for 13 from the past 3 years...

**Not much changed in D.E.D.er from last year. Still a silly but enjoyable house.

**My former favorite, Trapped in the Walls, still good, but may need to be changed out next year (if you ask me...). The paranormal investigation 'update' of it all wasn't showcased enough, and very little was changed to the house to keep it feeling fresh... Univeral HHNs paranormal house "Legendary Truth" did this theme MUCH better this year... but Trapped wasn't terrible, just a touch disappointing, being my former favorite...

**Deconstructed, used to be my least favorite was a pleasant surprise to me... maybe it was just good timing, but I got many scares from it... but in the same breath, that house can be changed out in lieu of a new on next year too, and I wouldn't mind...

**which brings us to Death Row Vengence... another house I really liked in its first two years... and now in year 3, I still like it... but it might need more of a facelift it they want to keep it around for another couple...

**Biggest surprise of the night for me was another returning one... Taste of Blood... Liked it in its first year... I was tired of in its second year... But I loved this house THIS year... they reversed the maze, and for the better... the flow just seemed smoother... the scares were plenty... and the same gags that were there from years past seemed to work even better... again, maybe like Deconstructed, it was good timing, but I jumped a lot during Taste of Blood...


Can't honestly say much about the scare zones... they were okay I guess, maybe even lacking... but nothing terribly memorable... We caught 2 songs from "My X" (which was on a tiny stage infront of Gwazi's entrance) and they sounded great, but left to go through more houses... and those houses were top notch (even the ones I've grown tired of...) And the light crowds certainly help the enjoyment of the night (unlike the blazing heat temperatures... at least the rain held off until my drive home...)


Amazing night... and on top of the houses, scares and beers... we rode Gwazi (lion, as tiger is currently closed... perhaps for the rumored millenium flyers?! I can dream, no?!) and believe it or not, it was running better than it ever has... maybe because it was later in the day, "cooler" air, warmed up trains?!... and also rode Kumba (my FAVORITE coaster!!!) Great Night!!!! I hope to add some pictures here over the weekend...

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Thanks for the TR! I really have a difficult time "getting" howl-o-scream. When USF down the road has completely new houses each year, using the same houses over and over again does not make me want to go back to your event. Once every 5 or 6 years makes it feel like a new event for me!


I agree 100%. As someone who used to live in Orlando, I hit HOS once every 4 years or so and that was just fine for me. Plus, even after 3-4 years, half the mazes were still the same! But Knott's does the same thing out here.


Maximo37- thanks for the update! I'd love to read a spoiler review of 'Alone' as I will not be hitting HOS when I'm in Orlando next week.


Thanks all!


BTW- is it just me, or is the rock band theme really random? Not scary... just odd.

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BTW- is it just me, or is the rock band theme really random? Not scary... just odd.


I look at it as just an alternate entertainment option. A band is probably a lot safer bet to please than a show for HoS.


Bill and Ted probably looks like an odd attraction to the outsider looking in.

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Great Report, as for the band i have to agree Dio is an excellent choice!


I would agree if Ronnie James Dio had not already gone to the hereafter. I hate cancer


I did think that after i had posted,should have used past tense

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I would agree if Ronnie James Dio had not already gone to the hereafter.


Even without his physical presence, it would be awesome.


I propose the following houses:


Dream Evil

Stand Up And Shout

Heaven & Hell

Night People

Don't Talk To Strangers

All The Fools Sailed Away



The reason the 'Alone' house has the theme of Minotaur Storage is due to the ancient greek tale of the labyrinth of the Minotaur. You was sent in alone to go and defeat the minotaur.


Yes, I got the connection. I just think "Minotaur Storage" sounds like a place where you store minotaurs. Which is to say, it sounds retarded.

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Wow, well, you reeled me in with wonderworks and I have just finished the entire thread (looking forward to the previous smoky mtn thread, as I loved all your takes.)


Only real issue is your stating that Minatour Storage is the lamest name ever, considering I was named afer my Grandfather, Minatour Storage Sr. Jerk.


Not Really. Keep up the good errr uhhm... work!

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Yes, I got the connection. I just think "Minotaur Storage" sounds like a place where you store minotaurs. Which is to say, it sounds retarded.


Not if your name is Fred Minotaur and you happen to run a storage facility,

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^ Actually, I do know a guy named Fred Minotaur. And, as it happens, he does own a storage facility. Perhaps you've heard of it? "Fred's Storage."


Bonus Howl-O-Scream photo!


P9250750.jpg.102f0f6905357ba726060213260b57c6.jpgWhat's more terrifying than a statue of a cow? How about a statue of a cow lying down!

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^ Actually, I do know a guy named Fred Minotaur. And, as it happens, he does own a storage facility. Perhaps you've heard of it? "Fred's Storage."


Bonus Howl-O-Scream photo!


[attachment=0]P9250750.jpg[/attachment]What's more terrifying than a statue of a cow? How about a statue of a cow lying down!



Ok, now you are just trying to cause nightmares!


I think Fred hails from the 'Long Island' Minotaurs.

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I haven't been on this board much lately.....but I have to say I killed my morning reading your tr....entertaining and well written. Thanks for posting these.


If I could quote easily on my driod....I would refer to your comment on the walking through a haunted house alone...I did one of those in Delaware....is wasn't very long...but it was the scariest haunted houses I went through. Absolutely terrifying. But I scare easily...so I might not be the best reviewer.

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SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular is included with park admission, and decidely kid-friendly. Luckily for Erik & Smisty, though, you don't actually have to be a kid, or have one, to participate!


[Note: Instead of the normal two people responsible for the photos you are about to see, in this update, there are three: Erik, Misty, and Erik's mom. But, as usual, I'm too lazy to give individual credit. So, yeah, some of these were taken by my mom, and are being used with permission, I suppose. (Hey, mom's fault for not watermarking, you know?)]


Entering the park, Dolly the Dolphin was posing for photos. Sadly, this is the last you'll see of Smisty for a little while in this update, as she had to leave to go to work.


The event doesn't start until noon. Unfortunately, this contributes to some crowd control issues once it actually does begin.


Ta-da! Bayside Pathway gets hit especially hard once the event begins, and I recommend starting at Sea Garden, on the other end, if you go.


The first candy station you encounter sports a whopping line for most of the day. Splitting these two employees and their candy anemones would no doubt help--but really, the event just needs to start when the park opens. Having said that, the line does move very quickly, and there are plenty of candy stations further in with much, much shorter lines. Trick or treat smart, kids!


I brought my mom, in case anyone questioned my trick or treating worthiness.


Besides candy, there are kid-oriented games...


...and lots and lots of characters!


Did I mention characters?


This dogfish guy was really cool. First he asked me if my Shamu bowl was my lantern, then he recited the entire Green Lantern oath. (Yes, that is my idea of "cool.")


There were special food tents set up in Bayside, since there was so much going on there.


But who needs food when there's candy?!


Candy madness!


On the stage of Bayside Stadium, Abby Cadabby has a maze set up.


Well, she calls it a maze. There are no options or dead ends though, so really it's just a path with walls.


Anyway, it seems that Abby has lost her magic wand, and you must help her find it, or the vengeful spirits of Halloween will eat all these cute children! (Good thing there's a smart adult like me around to save the day!)


Grover, you're an idiot. It's not in the wall. Seriously, you're embarrassing yourself.


I totally knew it was in the pumpkin.


Good old Oscar, the voice of reason on Sesame Street.


See, look, she has her wand back.


An overview of the "maze." Because *you* demanded it!


What's this? Cookie decorating?!


Yes, please!


For $5.50, you get everything in the lunchbox, and an apple juice or milk.


Allow me to show you how it is done.


Are you not entertained??


Oh, noooooo!!!


By the Wild Arctic gift shop is an event information counter. (Because that's where I would put it. Right in the middle. I'm sure people will save their questions about the event until they make it here.) And also, there's this guy with a thing.


They call this the Frozen Fun Zone. I call polar bears dressed as superheros and Pirate Shamu totally awesome.


"All these old pumpkins are just going to rot after Halloween. Let's feed 'em to the bears!"


Speaking of pumpkins, these "pumpkin fish" are everywhere.


*Human* Pumpkin Fish!




Time for more candy!


Okay, so the entire day, I never saw one guest, besides me, with one of these Shamu candy bowls. Perhaps they are a tad overpriced at $10?


"Costumed characters? Yeah, I think there's some over that way."


Mom opted for the free candy bag. And the dude with four arms.


"I think I'm a grasshopper or something. I play the saw."


"Form of...a tree!" (Wait, that was the Wonder Twins, not Green Lantern. Speaking of which, I wonder how Misty is doing at work....)


Oh, hi Misty! How's it going?


Lots of cool stuff at the Sea Garden.


Like this mermaid!






And employees who hand out bags of candy!


Erik finds some candy absurdly unguarded. Good thing anemones have no natural defenses!


You gotta have people on stilts.


The Water Front area, being kind of involved in Spooktacular, but not really, is decorated for Fall.


The Mediterranean Stooges (as I call them) have a special Halloween-themed street show.


And the mums are out.


But this is how it's really connected to Spooktacular: a special Sesame Street show in the SeaPort Theater. (Can you spot the sign's missing letter, kids?)


Yes, it's "Countdown T Halloween!"


The plot involves the Count being sad because he was alone on Halloween or something. But don't worry, it can be fixed by singing and dancing!


I'm not sure it's appropriate to describe the person who has the most stage time as having 'stole the show,' but this human chick was awesome. Like, if she were The President, the USA would have no problems. Go see the show just for her.


Dancing skeletons help cheer up the Count, which is totally normal.


Big finish!


Cool show. Honestly, I'm not sure why, but SeaWorld seems to be the only park with shows I actually like.


Dude, they handed out peanut butter.


SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular: It should open with the rest of the park, but it's still really cool.

Edited by Electerik
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Thank you so much for this report!!!


We've always been to Sea World during the 'season' but never done the actual event. Seems like it may be perfect for kids around KT's age. Is there anyway you can scan or take a closeup of the event map so I can totally understand what you mean about where to start the 'treat trail'?


Also, I saw some kids in costume, I'm assuming it's encouraged for kids to dress up? Parents?



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^ Kids are encouraged to come in costume, or as they are. We did see *some* parents in full costume, and lots in semi-costume (ears, hats, wings, that sort of thing), so it's clearly allowed--but I honestly don't know if it's "encouraged" for adults or not.


The Sea Garden (labeled as "Underwater Fantasea" on the event map) is definitely where you should start, and then work backwards. (If you're unfamiliar with the Sea Garden, it's basically what replaced the Clydesdale barn--or, more accurately, the fenced-in grassy area next to the barn--after the horses moved out.)


How's that?

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^Perfect thanks!


Also I forgot to mention that 'fishing' game you have a picture of is AWESOME, I have never seen it at any park other than Tusenfryd!!! Glad it's making its way to the states.


Oh, one more stupid question...the path that the trail is on seems like a pretty main path...can you just randomly get candy at some of the locations or can you only join in at one of those two spots marked on the map? Like can we leave the path to go play in Shamu's Happy Harbor or once we're committed to the path, we're committed!

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^ Yes, you can come and go as you like, enter, exit, backtrack, come back later, do any or all of it again, whatever.


One pesky thing: Abby's maze is on the stage of Bayside Stadium, but the "main path" is at the mid-level. Which means, if you're pushing a stroller or wheelchair, you have to backtrack a ways to get from the maze back to the main path. (Of course, on foot, you can just walk up the stadium stairs.) Sadly, I didn't think to get a photo illustrating this point. Then again, I can't think of any way they could have avoided this, short of not having the maze in that location.

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I remember going last year and getting that same peanut butter packet, only they had a banana cart in the area as well and I combined the two. Damn, that was good. Also couldn't believe it was an event for anyone, even without kids; my friend and I did a double-take when we were offered candy bags and essentially given carte blanche on developing Type II diabetes as quickly as possible. (Save for the banana.)

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Great photos!


I love Sea World's Spooktacular, but I've never seen the Countdown to Halloween show.


One year they were handing out banannas down the candy trail. Were such delictable delights available this year?

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Bananas, yes. My understanding is that they were supposed to be handed out this year--and may yet be--but there was some delivery-related problem that prevented it that first weekend.


Oh, and there were two different peanut butter options: regular, and dark chocolate!


I still think they should have a Sesame Street Character haunt. that would be pretty cool


Big Bird's Blood Bath? Elmo Loves You...To Death?

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