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Erik & Smisty's Florida Oddventures

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HOLY CRAP! (And I mean that in an epic biblical sense) This was the PERFECT send off to this thread. I am so happy we have a trip report to Holy Land I think I'm going to tweet them about it right now!


Oh, and this photo...



It's like the Dave Thomas version of the bible!!!


I think we can all agree that my version of the Bible would be the most amazing thing ever.


I am tempted to pay $45 to get into this place just so I can take an Ice Bat photo of this scene. That's how awesome it is.


The perfect ending to this thread. You guys rule. Have fun in Vegas!



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I visited a couple of years ago. I am not exactly what you would call a believer, but I was curious. It was a mix of surprisingly nice, over the top, and insane. These were some of my favorite pics from my visit.


I'm not sure I can single out my FAVORITE praise song.


This was my personal favorite sign of the entire visit. 50% off, Praise the Lord!!!





They look very happy about you leaving.



It's no haunted mansion effect...


I heard it's being built at the Creation Museum in Kentucky... try there.


Apparently, this angle was overcome. It's pretty much how I felt my entire visit there.

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I remember Holy Land during our second Florida Trip. It was 1/3 beautiful scenery, 1/3 Jesus, and 1/3 cardboard wax fake animal goofy. The whole time there I imagined certain attractions replaced with rides. Like if the Scriptorium was instead a River Boat with a big splash drop at the end.

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$45 dollars to enter the park and no coasters.


And karaoke with no alcohol?




I know I'd have to be plastered before attempting Holy Land karaoke.

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"Wait! Don't leave! Please? We'll let you kick a monkey."


I can't remember if this was a caption for the Sanford zoo or Jeebus Land, but damn that's some funny shite.


Still one of the best threads ever-

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