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Club TPR is Coming in March!

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But really when it comes down to it... isn't Club TPR just about supporting the site to allow it to function and give us the awesome stuff we crave like the forums, Coastertube, and the trips, and all the perks and bonuses are just fancy, cool, awesome, extras?


He's right. I would give Robb $50 a year just for what we get with the site now. Extra's make it even more magical.





Signed up all 5 of us!

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I love soft openings... done, although when I clicked 'return to merchant' it just took me back to the *ahem* soft opening as if I didn't do it.


Yeah, me too. This is what I got after clicking Return to Merchant. Got the PayPal receipt, though.


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Whoo!! submitted!

Had the same thing though, with the returning to the empty registration thing but getting the paypal confirmation stuff

Do the registrations get through if the return to merchant doesnt entirely work?

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So I checked out the full list of benefits, I have a few questions..


When it says discounts on TPR trips, how much discount are we talking?


And when it says priority placement on TPR trips..what if the number of people with priority placements exceeds to number of places on the trip? What would happen then?


Just curious.

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Hey Robb... So I signed up for Club TPR earlier today. I was eating at Fuddruckers and for some reason decided to check facebook on my Blackberry and saw the soft opening and I just HAD to do right away. (Food... Mmmm!) Being distracted by the best chicken sandwich ever, I chose to pay by check through the mail, but I actually want to pay through Pay-Pal. Is it too late for me to choose this option seeing as how I selected pay by mail?

If it's too late... I'll deal with it and just not sleep at night wondering what's going on in the Club TPR forums.

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