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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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I can't wait to ride it at night during Summer Nights.


For the arguments going on I have some insight to that.

Actually, Sheikra was supposed to be floorless from the beginning. But the cars/technology/design wasn't ready yet. So they bought both with the end intention to make Sheikra floorless. Why do you think it only took a few weeks to change it up? It was already planned with the movable floor in mind, no huge demolition/refit, those new floors slid in like a glove.


And BGA always touted Sheikra as the First dive coaster in America. So this is the 'First' dive coaster going floorless. That is what they are trying to say.


And I know exactly what is going on in Congo for 2008. No credits, sorry, but very cool all the same, and worth a trip. Shhhhhh.......

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Well, I took advantage of my "Gold" AP member status and rode this bad boy this morning. Rode it a total of 3 times, so if you're contemplating going for the early ride from 8am-9am, its a PERFECT time to get re-rides (most operators are pretty cool about you just taking an empty seat as soon as people coming on the ride take their seats).


I'm WIDE AWAKE for work that's for sure! What a rush!


Still, I rode the front row all 3 times and for some reason it didn't feel any different than it did before it was floorless. Maybe its just me, I dunno. Another guy that rode the ride 3 times said the BACK row was the best. Guess I'll have to wait 'til next time.

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Im not sure whats going on in this area, I went on Tidal Wave and Charilift while I was there on Sunday the 29th. And it looked like it was all holes for animal habitats, Im expecting this giant walkthrough of animal stuff, like there Gorilla/Monkey tour over by KaTonga, I dont think theres going to be a ride, I think there just reverting to the old Busch Gardens ways, which they should do since there all about conservation and everything, I really hope this park reverts somewhat back to the whole animals OVER ride thing, I mean the place was there for animals in the first place and now its rides OVER animals, I think the animals are just making a comeback, if anything I would like to see an aquarium go in. If for a ride I think it would be something that stretches from Python behind Tidal Wave turn around and come back, I think its going to be something like Wicked Twister at CP, I mean thats the only space I see for that area, its small doesnt need turns just a straight track. Id be very excited if this happened because I think thats like one of the only plausible new things that can be introduced to the park, that can fit in that area.



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Hey guys, I don't post here often, but there is a lot of neat things going on at BGT in preparation for their 50th anniversary in 2009! One of these things is this supposed Congo project. Basically, the reason they took out Python was for this project, an expansion that is 4 times the size of the python area. This will also be Busch's single largest project in the park's 48 year history, boasting some never before seen things to come to the park! The awesome part about what Busch is doing is the fact that the new area is going to be SO interactive for any guests. In fact, this area was designed with everybody in mind, from kids aged 5 all the way up to adults aged 95. Its kind of interesting that the park has decided to go this route. Although there isn't any major coasters planned for the expansion, you can expect some pretty awesome, never before seen gimmicky-type rides coming to this area. In my opinion although its not the most thrilling project Busch has ever tackled, the fact that its so different and so unique to anything any other parks have ever done makes it exciting in my eyes. The press release for this new area will be in mid October.

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The announcement /media event for the Congo project is September 6th. I already saw a commercial, and it is more animal based, with some 2 family friendly rides.

The commercial didn't have much detail, but the animal displays are cutting edge.


So check the media on the 6th!

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A lot of work has happened lately. Figured I got enough angles of the work that it was worth adding to my collection, photos other then dirt any way. There is a lot of other ground work for what I am thinking is a water display with fountains cant be seen along the train line at least in the photos. It will be interesting to see how BGT is going to put the whole area together.


The announcement can be viewed on webcast here if you are so interested.



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From this photo http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/events07/bt1a.jpg

The closest whole in the ground is probably going to be a baby tiger exhibit area. The building is maybe a tiger exhibit area and maybe a look into mothers and babies in an inclosed exhibit. The other side of the closest building is the original tiger pit which has been redone. IN the back, the steel structure probably will have the glide line flyer ride and some sort of up and down ride. There also be the reamergence of the orangotang in the area. This structure http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/events07/bt7a.jpg toward the back of the work area probably is going to be the new orangotange exhibit. Anyway just a guess on everything but it seems logical. All in all its going to be new and unique and cant wait to see what BGT is up to.


All thought I always want new coasters. It is interesting to see what ideas and rides parks come up with.

More later.

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September 6, 2007 (Tampa, FL) – With a nearly 50-year history of caring for animals and the environment, Busch Gardens is creating the park’s newest adventure – an exotic jungle where discovery and exploration invite guests to connect with the world around them.


In spring 2008, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will open Jungala – its newest and most ambitious park enhancement project to date. Set in the Congo area, the 4-acre attraction will invite guests to discover exotic creatures, explore a village hidden deep in the jungle and connect with the inhabitants of the lush landscape through up-close animal interactions, multi-story family play areas, rides and live entertainment.


Towering trees, cascading waterfalls, flowing waterways and elaborate stone structures shape the landscape to transport guests out of their modern-day lives into a mythical place where the inhabitants – both human and animal – live in complete harmony with nature.


From atop the tallest trees or beneath the jungle floor, guests will be completely immersed in the animals’ world. Multi-tiered habitats allow visitors to connect with two of the world’s most endangered species – Bengal tigers and orangutans. Treetop observation platforms are the perfect vantage point to watch orangutans within their family groups or resting in a specially designed treehouse. Subterranean caves and underwater windows offer a clear view of tigers swimming in their temperature-controlled plunge pool, while natural bridges and bamboo screens bring guests closer to these exotic predators than ever before. Acrobatic gibbons, flying foxes and mysterious tomistomas also make this exotic rainforest home.


In the jungle clearing, the village is anchored by a centerpiece 35-foot rock formation towering above its pathways. Stiltwalkers will parade throughout the village, highlighting the beauty and grace of the colorful jungle flora and fauna with elaborate costumes representing birds, frogs and even the trees themselves.


Two signature rides add to the excitement of Jungala: a zip line experience offers three different flight patterns above the tree tops for young adventurers and another ride launches guests up above a towering waterfall. A 3-story family climbing area allows visitors to ascend through the tree canopy on rope bridges to explore the different layers of jungle life, and a children’s water-play area allows even the youngest explorers to interact with the environment.


Jungala also will offer two new dining options for Busch Gardens guests. The Bengal Bistro, a newly remodeled version of the popular Vivi Restaurant, and the all-new Orang Café will offer seasonal entrées, salads and sandwiches, premium snacks and expanded childrens’ menus for hungry explorers of all ages.


More details will be announced as the new park area nears completion.


For more information on Busch Gardens Africa, call 1-888-800-5447 or visit www.buschgardens.com

Straight from Busch's press page, it sounds pretty exciting to me!


An overview of Jungala


The children's area of the land is looking like it will keep the young ones entertained!


The waterfall-themed drop ride


The opportunity to have a close encounter with many different animals is at the core of the Jungala concept.

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