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Help Design Club TPR's Logo & Membership Card!

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Here you are sir:



EDIT - I'll get that in just a sec Elissa!

Yeah, I think I like it better in all one color, but maybe only on the line under the TPR logo removing the other two lines with the URL all together. Basically like the first one you posted, but in yellow not blue.


But thanks for doing that test.



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Still following suit with the Season Pass-like appearance.



-Removed little coaster cars above logo, real small on original, could be enlarged on another version


-TPR Logo a bit more vibrant/darker (not so harsh of a gradient)


-Gone with the Arrow coaster, In with the Intamin!


-Background slightly more noticeable for a bit more shade variation.


Once I get something finally down I can start dialing it in...design process = numerous takes before narrowing it down!


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^ I really liked the cars on the logo.


- The colors on this logo are better.


- I'm not a fan of the mirror image. I don't hate it, just not a fan.


- I like the sideways URL, but if I had to choose, I'd put the other guy's red sideways URL on yours and see how it looks.


Let me look at your two images back to back:






#2 seems to fill up the empty space better and it's not busy or anything, but I think I like the text layout of #1 a little better.


I have to say I think I like them both almost equally, which isn't a bad thing because I think they are both really good! But if I had to choose, I think I'd actually go with #1.



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^^I like your layout Gumball, my only concern is that gray coaster car is gonna become a blobby mess on the card. There just might not be enough detail to make out arms, hair and stuff. Just an observation. I think the overall design is great and reads really well.

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Alright Elissa - here's a quick solution. It needs a lot of work though.


Darker design with changes


First design w/ black text


Second design w/ black text


If it's an issue of fidelity (I know white text ribbons are sometimes sketchy when laying down the text) then I need to go back to the drawing board and design one with a lighter text area. Red, Green and Blue are set off well by black, but a white base may take a bit of thinking.

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Decided to try out a lighter card just for a different flavor. Don't quite know how I feel about it.


It's always good to explore a different option though. Even if it doesn't immediately result in a better product.


And if you had a really long last name, you could always split the text box up and make the last name smaller to fit the card space.

However I doubt many people have last names of Nahasapeemapetilon or greater.


William - I like the design. The only thing that bothers me is that the amusement park rides are so picture-y...if that makes sense. I'd like to see them abstracted like you abstracted the little coaster carts. It'll give you a really nice sense of unity and continuity.

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Be gentle, this is only the second logo I've ever made. Any tips for me? I'm learning photoshop as I go along and I think it came out quite nice. I'll try taking a stab at an actual card tomorrow.


Bigger version of it.


The small version of it

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Comments, comments, comments....


ILoveRides - The logo is a lot of fun! Very whimsical! I'm not sure it would be right for the membership card or our Club logo, but I actually think we would use it, or maybe something you could come up with for a future project we have going on.


lightguy84 - That logo is only 4 Flags! Just kidding. Fun logo, same thing as above, not sure if it's right for this, but it's a great idea. The card is very difficult to read, IMO.


Angry_Gumball - There is something about your designs where I've actually liked every one you've submitted, but I feel there is something "missing" from all of them and I honestly can't quite figure out what it is. There are absolutely elements from your designs that I think we would want to incorporate into a final design. I think I've liked your #1 and #4 attempts the best.


n7 - Not a fan of the yellow one, even though it's kind of "fun", for example the "chunks of black" under the logo have kind of a cool mosaic look to it almost! I like the name split on the other one. That's very functional.


RCFreak - The concept is a lot of fun. Very close to what I originally had in mind when I did my mock up. Like someone took a rubber stamp to our logo. I can tell you're new to photoshop but that's not a bad thing. Keep at it.


Thanks again everyone! I do want to make sure that you all know that part of why we were doing this is to find out who might be skilled enough to help us with a number of different projects.


We have everything from T-Shirt designs, logos for trips, site layout help, etc, that we may need people for in the future. So it's kind of like American Idol where we may have one winner, but a bunch of contestants get record contracts!


Keep at it! I'm really liking what I'm seeing!


--Robb "Hope you guys are having fun with this too!" Alvey

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last idea for now. I have a few busy days ahead so I probably be giving it another go early next weak.


I have to work on this one a bit. It does not have the same feel as the website, but I like the idea


bit of swirly

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Hello everyone...

This thread is fun! I've seen some really cool layouts. I agree with most - n7's stuff looks great.


Here is a concept I put together - please let me know your thoughts.


logo concept


regular layout


how about a vertical treatment - this could fit into the lanyards six flags and other parks sell...

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Woow this thread exploded when I was asleep!!! some really nice logo's/ cards here!


Ive done some retouching, so here it goes


and the actual size, al a bit blurry.. gotta work on that :)


big version of the new card, I removed the vertical bar and replaced some stuff. I think I will change the "club" on the logo, since it isn't standing out as much as I liked


new logo, not happy with the "stamp" so it probably will change

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