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Help Design Club TPR's Logo & Membership Card!

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Please keep in mind that the whole Club TPR thing is still being figured out. We included the joined date as a "worst case" for what we may need on the card to get an idea of layout styles.


It probably will not actually make the final cut.



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^I personally like that card a lot, the logo and background are cool. I think the fact that the card is more coaster oriented and not amusement park oriented will probably dock you "points," but it's still pretty cool. One more thing that I kind of dislike about it is the weird graph-looking-thing you have in the bottom left corner, it looks like it's there for the sake of having something there. Personally, the name you used for the user and user name have almos completely sold me on this idea

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^ It's good to hear that. Yeah, I originaly planned to fix it and make it less coaster related, but I didn't have too much time and I thought the background represented TPR preety well because it was from a west coast 2009 ERT session.

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I really like your design!


However, I think that "Family Membership" could be a bit smaller, and the "Club TPR" could be a bit bigger. Perhaps even swapped locations.


Maybe even tone down the coaster a bit.


VERY nice.


Just my thoughts.




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