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Help Design Club TPR's Logo & Membership Card!

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More feedback....


vuurvogel - We would not be able to go with a color front and back. Not sure if I didn't make that clear in the initial instructions, but we are looking for everything to be on one side. The membership part of it covers everything we need and the artwork on the front is funny, but I have to be honest it looks very "amateur." I appreciate the effort, but it doesn't come across as "professional" to me.


n7 - My favorite so far. I'd like to see the card image straight on though instead of posted in that 3/4 view. I like the overall design of the card. Great use of the colors and graphics. Not over designed. Very simply. It really works. I like that the URL is in the shadows, but I think I might also like it see how it would look in white at the bottom of the card in addition to where you have it now. What font did you use for the word "membership?" I really like it.


Chroniq - No offense, but please no "joke entries", that's not what this contest is about and I don't want other people thinking that joke entries are acceptable. I've actually deleted your post so others don't get the wrong idea.


aljh22 - Please read the other feedback I've given. It's not called "TPR Club" and you're not using the correct font. Having said that though, it's a nice effort. Keep working on it. Are the dimensions correct? It appears a bit wide to me.

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I like that the URL is in the shadows, but I think I might also like it see how it would look in white at the bottom of the card in addition to where you have it now.

Thinking about it more maybe see what it looks like if one of the URLs in the shadows was yellow or white?


I really like the idea of how you have the URL now I just would like it to stand out more somewhere.

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On n7's entry, instead of putting "Theme Park Review Alias" under the member name put "www.themeparkreview.com" I think everyone knows that the name in quotes above a url is a screen name. Kind of makes the connection between the two and solves the problem of making the url more visible.

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To give more input into the actual card printing end of things - at about 1,000 cards with a 4 color process front, I don't see why someone wouldn't be able to give you a $.25 per card rate (that is about what my company would be - not trying to sell you or anything, but just trying to give you an idea). And then, after that, purchase a good printer to print the variable information onto the card stock. However, I'm not sure if that would save you money, or just be an extra expense as I'm not completely sure what the costs would be to just print the cards yourself. I think if anything, you would get a better quality print job for the initial background from a card printer.

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^ Except, that's not really "less" if anything, almost every area of space has "something" in it.


To me it looks very busy.


Another comment, I see you have a picture of me and Elissa added. I will absoultely not use any image that includes us in it as TPR is about the community and the group. Sure, Elissa and I started it and run it, but it's not about just us.



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Sean, my first impressions are that it's clean, streamlined, good use of the site's colors, the text reads well, and would pass as "professional" but I don't think quite says "fun."


It looks more like something I'd see from a bank card, which is a compliment of sorts, but it's not *quite* TPR. It sorta reminds me of this:




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^ Oh man! There I things I really like about it! The donkey character is very "cute!" Not sure we'd use it for the card, but I may look into having you help with a "return of the donkey" shirt!


The fonts for the member information looks very "generic" but I think that could be worked on.


Layout wise it's good. It reads good. And has both practical and fun elements to it.


I think I might post a few fonts for people to look into using when I get home from work tonight.


It's a great first submission, though!



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^^ No, sorry. We really like Gadzoox and have no plans to change it. Rebranding TPR would take a lot more bandwidth than I have available. I mean right now on my plate I have:


- Managing day to day of the forum

- Coaster Expedition Volume 13

- Roller Coasters in the RAW Blu-Ray

- Dark Rides in the RAW DVD

- Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 5

- Contacting parks for Club TPR Involvement

- Getting Club TPR going

- Park Index 2

- TPR iPhone App

- Photo DVDs for LAST year's trips

- Sorting out the following events: West Coast Bash, Bay Area Bash, MidWest Bash, East Coast Bash, UK Bash

- Finalizing plans with about 60 differnet parks for all of our tours this year.

- Converting the current forum to phpbb3

- My day job!

- My family!

- I'm SURE there are things I'm forgetting!


So yeah, "Re-Branding TPR" is not in the current plans!



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Some quick thoughts...


Calaway Park - It's "friendly" yes, but to me it's still not "fun." I see the mountains, valleys, and a sun coming up over them. Like a refreshing morning with a cup of coffee in my hand. It's nice, but it's just not "TPR"


DKR - Not of a fan of the Club TPR logo. Looks more like a bulls eye. The Club TPR logo doesn't need to be complex. It should be simple and streamlined. The rest of it is "ok" but there isn't much of a style to it.


J. Marcase - Nice, streamlined. I like the red URL on the side, that's cool. I also like yout take on the Club TPR logo. Overall the card reads well, has a bit of style to it, but it's kind of "empty." Not saying it needs to be busy, but it does seem a little empty.


Many of the cards seem to have some style to the logo and some other elements, but when it comes to the text, it looks like it was copied and pasted out of an MS Word Document.


What seems to set n7's entry apart so far is that everything seems to have a sense of style to it. Even the text using a very basic font seems to have style just by the placement of the text. It's not busy and it's not empty.


There is a lot of good ideas here and to some of you I would even say don't keep refining the same idea, but try something new. You may find that Elissa and I will be all "I like this element from design A and this from design B."


--Robb "I feel like one of those judges on Top Chef!" Alvey

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Practice run for me...definitely have more ideas in the hopper waiting to be done. As they're not final submissions yet I've only attached the flattened 'presentable' jpegs.


About the type: the "Fill-in" text I left as generic Arial for legibility, not really for display text.


Ooh....reflections! Just a nicer way to present the card.


Version 1/practice run on the TPR card. I'm thinking along the lines of what a season pass would look like design-wise, while having that clean appearance.


TPR Logo: Top of the logo has this nice wave, much like coaster airtime hills...so why not have a coaster car zooming along?

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^ William, that one is really nice. There are things I like about it and things I'm not as crazy about, but I'm not sure if there is anything I don't like.


- I like the Club TPR logo. The little coaster car is a nice touch!

- I like the background particles (the squares)

- I'm not crazy about the coaster (might most be too much coaster in this one)

- I'm on the fence about it being all mostly black/gray. And I say on the fence because black/gray is my favorite color (how often do you see me in a shirt that's NOT black) and I like things that have a lot of black or gray because it makes colors stand out better. Perhaps if the Club TPR logo was less washed out?


Overall, I really like this one and I'm anxious to see some of your other ideas in the hopper.

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