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Help Design Club TPR's Logo & Membership Card!

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Wes, as a graphic designer, I was thinking you might want to give you opinion on removing things like "member name" or "location" since they busy up the design and with the better designs people have removed the already. Obviously Anaheim, CA is a location and doesn't need to read "LOCATION Anahaiem, CA"


I think it depends on the design. Generally, I would say with text, less is better. With the function of the CTPR member cards, I would say the only three vital pieces are the real name, member number/type, and expiration date. Join date, username, and location are a bit superfluous (to me).

I could see a very good design integrating everything correctly, but for the most part, I would agree with you and say getting rid of the descriptor text is probably the best way to go for a clean design.


Some more critiques...



Decent start. I would have the real name (Greg Smith) be larger than the two text elements below it. I'd push down the bottom row of text (Join Date) etc.

Don't think the blue and yellow work well together, especially once it'd be printed out. Too contrasty. Also the coaster car looks like a boat, but that's more of a OCD nitpick than something holding back the design.

Club TPR logo is a little plain. It's not a bad idea, but it just feels very vanilla.




In some ways this is better than your original comp, but it is also much busier. I'd drop the opacity on the ferris wheel quite a bit. My eyes are immediately drawn to the ferris wheel and then the coaster, and I think they really need to be background elements.

I like the concept of the logo quite a bit. However, there's something about the lines used for the ropes that looks a little cheesy, especially where they cross over the T. Not quite sure how to fix it though.

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Ah, a new day, a re-visited design!


I think I'm probably going to stick with the "Half Tone" pattern (Or Robb referred to it as the Squares). I also think vector-drawn coasters simplifies things yet gets the message across that it's a coaster. (Anyone want to take a guess at which coaster it *could* be?)


The card's got some color now, but I'm not sure if I'm crazy about my font choices for the member info. It'll take some time to come to a solution.


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Here are my current favorites:



And I like the version with n7's original Club font with Gumball's car above the T. I'm cool with either version using the photo or the graphic art. I might lean *slightly* towards the graphic art because it seems a little less "coaster club" to me.






With some good runners-up:






As for the runners up, I noted these because I feel they all have either good graphic elements, layout, or design sense. While they may not be something we would go with as is, I feel that we may incorporate some of these elements into either our final logo/card or another project we may be doing in the near future.


Great job everyone! Keep them coming!!!



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I'm liking this quite a bit.

- I wonder if you can split the difference between the shine on the top version and the no shine on the bottom version. Just really subtle. Also, ONLY have the shine on the upper right part of the ribbon, and make that shine more gaussian (there is a distinct hard line in the center of the shine that I think would look better if it blended out).


The main "issue" I seem to have is the gigantic space where the ferris wheel is. There's all this text everywhere around it, but in that one hole is where I keep fixating. It's such a huge chunk of "empty" real estate and thus the ferris wheel keeps becoming a prominent focus when I look at it. Obviously adding anything else to the comp is going to make busier, which we don't want. Maybe just play around with the arrangements of the different text fields and see if you can come up with one that looks a little more "spaced out" properly. Rather have equal small chunks of empty space than one gigantic empty space, if that makes any sense.

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^ Can you just see how that would look with a long first and last name?






Some of our internationals have very long names!


I would say a 15 character first name and a 20 chracter last name should be our max limit.

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You can see why this is a concern. Looking at some of the real name of our members, especially international ones, we have quite a few people who have first names 12 to 15 characters long, and last names 15 to 20 characters long.


Granted, that's the exception, and most people have, well, "normal" length names, but I don't want to get into a situation where even 1 in 50 I have to put an abbreviation for their name because we don't have enough character spaces for them.



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William - I like the transformation your design is going through...but I can't help but feel it's a bank card that is trying to be a membership card. Part of that is the ribbed texture gradient. Part of it is the sans=serif block fonts you're using. Bauhaus is a very fun font if you break it from its baseline, but you're keeping your text boxes very formulaic for a series of typestyles that don't naturally have a relaxed tone. Try and move away from sans-serif typefaces, or find ones that don't have such a formal look to them.

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I don't consider myself to be "creative" by any means, but here's something simple. I designed it so that the photo can be switched out (e.g. having a different design for each year or something like that, like with Disney or Six Flags passes). The colored stripe at the side could be changed depending on the membership type.


I feel that I have room to improve on the logo, but I am open to suggestions.


Also, this probably sounds like a stupid question, so I apologize if its been answered already, but are the cards going to be double-sided? Would there be anything on the back? (aside from fine print, etc.)


Mockup using light image


First mockup using dark image

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Messing with fonts, my collection currently is beginning to seem limited so I've been doing some hunting for not so corporate-looking fonts. (Thanks for the existence of Dafont.com!)


So let's give this a shot. Changes made:

Fonts to not look so corporate/generic (should look fun but not too much like a display font)


Sadly I don't have Bauhaus, is that a mac-only font like Helvetica? (I'm a PC guy).


Changed up the rib texture to more of a soft sun/starburst


And a test for someone who may have a longer than normal name.



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