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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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I think this very silly/bizarre PR stunt is definitely going to backfire on Thorpe a little bit, While at work Thursday, I happen to get talking about theme parks with 2 of my colleagues and said I was excited about riding the new coaster at Thorpe. One said "Wait Isn't that the new ride I read about where the crash dummies lost their arms and limbs because if so there is no way I am ever going to ride that"

I said "yeah thats the one, but I can assure you thats a load of rubbish, Its just some silly PR Stunt"

He then said "Well you're still not going to get me on it just in case it is true, to which my other colleague replied !"No don't think I will go on that neither" I never bothered trying to convince them otherwise

While I still believe this ride is going to be popular because of Thorpe's general audience, I do think Thorpe's visitor numbers may be affected slightly, If this convinced 2 of my work colleagues the ride was dangerous, just think how many other people would have been convinced it was true, it also only takes word of mouth to spread the word to others who wouldn't have seen the story either



Person 1 - I'm going to Thorpe next month, Wanna come, they are opening a new rollercoaster called the Swarm

Person 2 - Sod that mate, I read in the paper its dangerous, it was chopping off Dummies Arms and Stuff

Person 1 - OMG, Screw that then, There's no way I'm going now

Person 2 - Yeah me neither


Also just incase anyone else needed convincing its true, look again at the picture when they posted the first picture of the train, Suprise Suprise there is normal water dummies sitting in the front, which means the picture from this latest report is clearly Fake, so Thorpe fails again, lol.


Still cant get my head around though why Thorpe would do this, I mean be honest, If you ran a big theme park and was opening a big new rollercoaster, Would you do something like this as a big PR Stunt,Probably Not, Would this Work in America, Absolutly HELL NO

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I think the stunt was like a version of the Oblivion PR, but gone wrong. Oblivion is all about going in one side and not coming out the other. We know that won't happen, but it adds to the thrill. Saw sort of does the same thing, with the spikes. But Swarm went too realistic with their claims. It was nearly a good stunt...

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While I can't speak for Europe, here in the States especially in the 40s and 50s, it was the "danger" factor that actually increased ridership. I suspect that was Thorpe's logic with their PR for Swarm. Of course there are going to be people who hear a story and say "no way.' But even after an injury or death on a ride, there are more people who want to visit the park just to see it, with a good portion riding it to prove they have what it takes. SFNE is my home park and RoS certainly didn't experience a drop in ridership after the incidents.

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Some things I love about this map.


- The guy throwing up on stealth and the guy behind him freaked out about it.

- The pig guy from Saw on taking some persons arm off at the top of Saw The ride.

- The hilbilly playing the banjo on Storm Surge.

- The guy mooning at Stealth.

- The mad scientist being chased over by X no way out.

- The two people eating the massive Hot Dog by Stealth.

- The girld getting taken down by an octapus at Rumba Rapids.


Theres loads more you just need to look at the peeps on the ground and stuff.

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^I always thought the map was a bit loaded. But I love the figures in it some are really funny. At the Swarm site I discovered 4 or 5 new funny additions. This Park Plan you can't look at and don't see some guy in idiotic dresses or doing something idiotic or you'll see a animal. But I doubt that it's handy in the park because its so unclear how to get from a attraction to an other. But than again I've never visited the park yet so I don't know.

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Love the map loads of great things to spot

the guy peeing himself under saw

a slightly drunk bearded wheres wally(waldo) by the bar 360

the guy being given shock treatment by swarm

the guy with binoculars perving at the naked couple making out in the bush by stealth

always a great fun map

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It "looks" slow, but dont forget, that was probably the very first run with people and first runs with people are always slow, when we give the ride time to break in, It will improve dramatically, and just wait for Fright Nites at the end of the day when the ride would have really warmed up at the end of the day when running for nearly 12hrs

I soooooooooo absolutely cannot wait for this, just under 3 weeks and counting now, Got the 15th March off work so everything is set, should be a good day, bring it on

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